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Domantas Sabonis
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Domantas Sabonis Is One Of The Most Underrated Big Men In NBA

Domantas Sabonis
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Being a smaller market team is not fair sometimes. There are always players that live in a bigger market that get more recognition for doing less. However, real NBA fans know the truth. Deep into the smaller market teams and the rest of the NBA, we know who is actually hoopin’ and who isn’t. It is actually a crime that Domantas Sabonis doesn’t get more recognition than he does right now. He is as underrated as they come in the NBA,

Domantas Sabonis Stats

This season, Domantas Sabonis averages 17.9 PPG on 53.4% shooting. His 17.9 PPG is 2nd on the Pacers. He also averages 12.8 RPG with 4.4 APG. His 12.8 RPG is not only leading the Pacers in rebounding, but it is also 6th out of the whole NBA. Out of those top 6 players in rebounding, Domantas Sabonis is 2nd in PPG in that group. He is 2nd to only the Greek Freak himself, Giannis Antetokounmpo, who averages 30 PPG. Other than him, Sabonis is averaging arguably the best PPG and RPG combo in the NBA this season. You wouldn’t have known if I didn’t tell you.

When I say Domantas Sabonis is severely underrated, that is still a vast understatement. In all honesty, not many people know how good Sabonis actually is. I’ve said it many times in my other posts relating to the Pacers: they are a scary team. They’re the most underrated team in the NBA in my honest opinion. Given their success WITHOUT their best player, how good this Pacers team can be WITH their best player in Victor Oladipo is up to them. I won’t label them as title contenders, but to say they don’t have a chance to do that is just wrong. This team is dangerous and the Eastern Conference should be scared of the Pacers and Domantas Sabonis.


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