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NBA Shooting Guards Ranked 2020-2021: Vendetta Sport’s Top 10

NBA Shooting Guards Ranked
Kamil Krzaczynski/Associated Press

A few days ago, we ranked the point guards in the NBA with average rankings. Now, we have the NBA shooting guards ranked for you. Everyone that participated agreed that this one was difficult. There are some surprises in this one. The ones that participated are Me, Trey, Jackson, Dacota, Karl, Jarrod, Anthony, and Jeremy. That’s 8 people to make a pretty solid vote. Without further ado, let’s check the results of our NBA shooting guards ranked vote.

#10 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Average Ranking: 11.25

Shai had a great season with the Thunder and is considered top 10 amongst us. Jackson and Jeremy ranked him the highest among all of us with a ranking of 8 and 7 respectively. Can he still be this good on a bad Thunder team? We’ll see.

#9 CJ McCollum

Average Ranking: 10.3

I was on an island on this one. I ranked CJ McCollum 19th, while everyone else had him top 10. Personally, was not impressed with CJ McCollum last year, he can really only score the ball and when he can’t do that, he’s a liability. There was a time last year when CJ didn’t seem like a good fit for the Blazers. 19 is harsh but there are just other players I’d rather have at the 2. – Alex Chick III

Other than my ranking, it was a pretty much consensus that CJ should be top 10. Some even put CJ as high as 7, like Dacota, but that’s not much of a surprise.

#8 Jaylen Brown

Average Ranking: 9.6

“Homer Alert! Jaylen Brown takes a huge step forward. Brown will become one of the best two-way threats in the NBA this year and make the All-Star team for the first time. Book it.” -Trey Daubert

Trey might have single-handedly got Jaylen higher than we all had him at. Trey was bold and put him at 5. Everyone else was ranged from 7-11. It’s not a bad ranking though, he’s about where we expect.

#7 Paul George

Average Ranking: 6.6

Our rankings take a HUGE jump from 3 spots. From 8-10, there was plenty of discrepancies. But as far as who should be the top 7 SGs, we were all in agreement with the players, maybe not the rank though as you’ll find out soon enough. Paul George might have been higher if not for his tendency to disappear in the playoffs. Maybe he changes it around? Don’t hold your breath.

#6 Klay Thompson

Average Ranking: 5.8


” The rest of the list I’m fine with, but the greatest atrocity humanity has seen in recent memory is Klay Thompson at 6. The two culprits of this conspiracy are Jarrod and Dacota. Jarrod barely had Klay in his top 10. But, the greatest betrayal comes from Dacota who didn’t even have Klay in his top 10. That is a slap in the face to a future Hall of Famer and to the basketball Gods. Klay is a sniper who can play defense. What more do you want from the guy? Half of this list plays sub-par defense, an the rest don’t even come close to how well Klay plays. He’s top 3, even if he’s been out 2 years. People are so quick to forget and it’s sickening.- Jackson Law

So yeah, Jackson is mad, I don’t blame him. Jarrod defends his and Dacota’s ranking though. How far does this conspiracy run?

“It physically hurt me to rank Klay at 8, though probably not as much as it physically hurt Klay to rupture an Achilles and an ACL.” – Jarrod Prosser

Jarrod’s point is that Klay is injured and he won’t be the same off the injury. For context, Dacota didn’t rank Klay at all, which gave him a rank of 21 for him. I even gave him a chance to change it and he refused. He has also refused to comment on this at this time. The last quote is from me.

“If Klay Thompson was on the Blazers, he would have been ranked #1 for Dacota, but that’s none of my business.” – Alex Chick III

So there’s that. We’d really like to forget all of this and put it behind us for now, moving on, that is, if you’re still with us.

#5 Bradley Beal

Average Ranking: 5.5

“I voted Bradley Beal first so it was a bit surprising to see him 5th even after averaging my score in. Do we realize how good Beal is? Beal averaged over 30 PPG with a high FG% than Harden and Mitchell. Beal can shoot the ball from outside and has no help from histeam. If he played for a contender, I think he would be much higher on the list.” -Trey Daubert

Bradley Beal, as Trey alluded to, had a great season. I think his numbers are skewed because he was the number 1 option on a bad team. If they had even one star, there’s no way Beal has the same stats. Still, we were all in agreement that Bradley Beal deserves to be this high. Half of us had Bradley Beal at 6, so he’s close to where he should be.

#4 Donovan Mitchell

Average Ranking: 4.6

Mitchell moves into the top 4 of all SGs. He should be 5 because Klay should at least be 3, sorry, I am still salty about it. Either way, top 5 is not a bad place to be for the SGs list. Mitchell should only keep improving as well. Could he move up next year? Possibly, he could move up against the #3 on this list.

#3 Devin Booker

Average Ranking: 4.5

Devin Booker is finally getting the respect that he deserves. He has jumped up our list as a top 3 SG in the league. He just needed the national TV for everyone to recognize his talent. We all ranked him top 5 except for Trey who had Jaylen Brown ahead of him. Devin Booker deserves to be here, I don’t think he passes the top 2 for a while though.

#2 James Harden

“I voted Harden 4th. His lack of self-awareness needs to be factored in. We’re talking about a guy who ran Chris Paul out of town for Russell Westbrook while giving up significant draft fapital to do so. Then did so again for John Wall. Does this guy get along with anyone?” – Trey Daubert

I personally am happy James Harden was voted as the top SG for us. I can’t stand the guy. He has really good stats but doesn’t win enough for my liking given his stats. His play of style irritates me. I voted Harden 3rd for different reasons but I can fuck with it.

#1 Luka Doncic

Average Ranking: 1.5

Luke Doncic was either voted 1 or 2. Half of us voted for each one. That’s fine as Luka is considered the best SG in the league for us. He’s still so young. He is going to be so much better and if he ever learns how to play the defense, he can only be that much greater. The Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis duo should win at least one ring. We’ll see when it happens.

Those Who Missed The Cut

As mentioned, the NBA shooting guards ranked was a hard one. Caris LeVert, Victor Oladipo, and Zach Lavine missed the cut barely. They very well could jump in the rankings next year, it’s just that close. I hope you don’t hate us for Klay’s ranking but oh well. Let’s see how our NBA shooting guards ranked does this year and see how we change our opinions next year.




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