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Colin Cowherd Taking Zion Williamson Over Other NBA Stars?

Colin Cowherd
FoxSports.Com (I know I’ve used this picture recently, but it’s such a gem)

Colin Cowherd is the gift that keeps on giving. In today’s edition of The Herd, Colin pitted Zion Williamson against other stars in the league and decided if he wanted Zion or the other player for the next 5 years. Some I could see, but others are just way off and make zero sense.

Now again, some of these I’m ok with. If I’m a GM I do not want Kyrie Irving anywhere near my franchise. But Colin’s takes on LeBron, KD, and Kawhi are just absurd. Even though I am a Grizzlies fan, I will stay away from what he said about Ja Morant. That’s another topic for another time.

Let’s start with LeBron. LeBron is old. Can he keep competing at a high level for the next 5 years? He has not been the best player in the NBA for a bit and is much older than many other stars Colin listed. Yet he’s gonna take him over Zion? I honestly do not believe LeBron will be in the league in 5 years, and if he is he won’t be very efficient. Taking LeBron over Zion discredits any argument Colin makes about age.

When 100% healthy, Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA. There’s not a debate. He’s a seven footer who’s athletic and can shoot over anyone at any distance. Durant can score whenever, wherever, and however he wants. There are still some questions about Zion shooting from the perimeter. DON’T LET THE NUMBERS FOOL YOU. Zion is averaging less than one three pointer a game and has played only 19 games. Calm down a bit.

Kawhi is the best defender in the league. While he may not be my first choice for building around, I would not complain if I was given Kawhi. Colin says Kawhi doesn’t pass, yet is averaging 5 assists per game when that’s not necessarily his job. Kawhi’s defense is god-tier and is a silent leader. When is being silent a bad thing? He’s not a distraction and the Clippers keep winning. Kawhi has championship experience, something that I would love to have on a team I’m building. I don’t mean Matthew Dellavedova championship experience, I mean real experience.

Colin Cowherd can be so hypocritical sometimes. Sometimes in through the months or years, and sometimes its in the same segment. I know it look’s like I hound on Zion a lot and don’t like him, when that is entirely not the case. I love Zion and hope he succeeds. If he wants to go out and average 30 a game, help the Pelicans get the no 2 spot out West and win MVP, be my guest. Let’s just not roll out the red carpet and enshrine him in the Hall of Fame before he does something.

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