Anthony Davis
(Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Everyone on Twitter thinks that they are an expert in everything. The same account can tweet about sports, politics, the economy, movies, or anything else that can be talked about, and believe that what they have to say is the gospel. Above all these things, none have been more annoying and blasphemous than how people compare Lakers forward Anthony Davis to some of the NBA greats.

People on Twitter Need to Slow Their Roll

Twitter is a place filled with trolls. It can be hard to determine if someone’s opinion is genuine or if that person is looking for clout. Either way, these takes are some of the worse I have ever seen. Not since Ryan Hollins have there been worse takes. Don’t get me wrong, Davis is a fantastic player, and there’s an argument that he could be a top-five player currently in the NBA. But stop with this nonsense.

A healthy Kevin Durant is the best player in the league. He has range, plays defense, and there is nowhere on the court that he can’t score from. Kobe and Shaq were the last team to three-peat and were a great dynasty. No player on the planet was more dominant than Shaq in his prime. The league was different twenty years ago, and no one could’ve stopped him. Dirk has never gotten the respect that he deserves from casual NBA fans. He carried the Mavericks to two Finals appearances and pulled off arguably the greatest NBA Finals upset of all time in 2011 against LeBron’s Heat.

Blasphemy of the Highest Order

The absolute worst comparison I’ve seen is saying Anthony Davis is better than Tim Duncan.

Not in here is that Davis has played two extra seasons than Duncan did to this point. This doesn’t mean that AD won’t elevate to an extremely high level, but disrespecting Duncan has to stop. Pop was not far into his coaching tenure, and it was primarily because of Duncan that the Spurs continued to play at a high level, even in his later years. There is an argument to be had that Duncan is a top ten player of all time. I’m not comfortable putting Davis in that category. Let him win some rings and be a leader first.

I’ll repeat it, Anthony Davis is a fantastic player. He still has a long way to go in his career. There’s still time for him to become an all-time great. There are others that I haven’t named but regardless, deserve to be recognized as great scoring/rebounding bigs. Davis may very well surpass many on that list, but can we pump the breaks just slightly? I need more from Davis before I’m able to begin putting him in the upper tier of NBA players. During much of this particular playoff run, he’s been pretty soft and honestly accomplished nothing before he came to the Lakers. I love him as a player, but everyone needs to slow down a little.