Mystery GM
(Photo by Wayne Terry, TPL.)

The Mystery GM has struck again. I love truly when these general managers start “anonymously” giving their opinions. Mainly because it tends to be something ridiculous. However, I want to know just who is this GM?

The Mystery GM Will be Unveiled.

First, let’s examine these so-called observations that Chris Mortensen tweeted this morning. I got no problem with the first one. Justin Herbert has performed extremely well in his rookie season. It doesn’t take an incredible football mind to see that.

Second, and the most egregious, Anthony Lynn doesn’t deserve to be a head coach. Here is the first clue into this mystery GM. Lynn is terrible in his preparation and game management, the Chargers have choked away more games than anyone this season. Yes, even the Falcons.

Third, Marcus Mariota isn’t an NFL starting quarterback. I think we have seen enough of Mariota to know that he may win you some games but no team is getting far with him. He’s merely a below-average dual-threat quarterback. This is the second clue in the mystery.

There are Two Theories For Who This Mystery Man is.

Now follow me here. So, we got a GM that thinks Lynn is a good coach and should get more chances for a twelve win season that was two years ago. Two coaches that come to mind who are given more chances than anyone based on past accomplishments is Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy.

Pederson won a Super Bowl in 2017 and Nagy had a good record and made the playoffs in 2018 with a 12-4 record. Since then the Eagles have fallen off a cliff and have so very wrongly made Carson Wentz the scapegoat. The Bears have been even worse and haven’t come anywhere close to their 2018 success.

Onto the Mariota statement. The Eagles and Bears both are starting bad quarterbacks in Jalen Hurts and Mitch Trubisky. This is where I have cracked the code. The Bears organization hates Trubitsky and it keeps them up at night as to why they didn’t draft Pat Mahomes or Deshaun Watson. The Eagles and Pederson hate Wentz and benched him for Hurts who is not an NFL quarterback, yet the organization is enamored by this man.

Eureka, It’s goddamn Howie Roseman! He’s the only GM that doesn’t surround his quarterback with talent and then blames the QB for it. Roseman and Pederson hate Wentz and made him the scapegoat for their fuck-ups. They think a unique player in Hurts is better than Wentz and I can’t wait till it blows up in their faces.