Howie Roseman
The Eagles’ struggles are on Howie Roseman, not Carson Wentz. Roseman should be embarrassed and fired for building a terrible roster. (Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

The laziest narrative the media does is to blame or praise the quarterback for everything. It’s lazy and elementary. According to the media, one player on a 53 man roster is supposed to carry an entire team and organization. The matter is the Eagles are a chaotic franchise right now that’s lacking a strong foundation. Howie Roseman is the source of the problems in Philadelphia, not Carson Wentz.

The 0-2-1 Eagles are snake bitten by the injury bug, with the offensive line thus far being the most significant issue. The Eagles lost Andre Dillard and Brandon Brooks for the season. The problem is we already knew this was an injury-plagued offensive line. Brooks had torn his Achilles in the past. Jason Peters is hurt all the time. Lane Johnson has been injured and or busted for steroids.

Roseman took his GM job back in 2015 after the Eagles moved on from the Chip Kelly era. Since that time, Roseman has drafted just seven offensive linemen. Only two of those were taken in the top three rounds. That’s not good enough! An offensive line is a place that needs to be continuously invested in. Roseman hasn’t done a good job keeping that unit steady.

Speaking of drafts, Roseman has done nothing but swing and miss. Roseman has gotten nothing out of his drafts. Outside of his trade up for Carson Wentz, Roseman, it’s been a hell of a lot more bad than good.

Howie Roseman
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The 2017 draft was a total bust. Derek Barnett has been inconsistent. Roseman also got nothing out of the rest of the draft class. Sidney Jones was worth the risk of having been a first-round pick had he not torn his Achilles. Still, a lot of these picks were mistakes from the jump.

Mack Hollins wasn’t even good at North Carolina. Donnel Pumphrey was a 160 pound running back. C’mon dude? Shelton Gibson never had a chance. Do you ever want to make Chad Bauman mad? Ask him about Nate Gerry.

2018 had some hits. Dallas Goedert, Avonte Maddox, and Josh Sweat can all play. You’re still going to lack depth if you only have five picks in an entire draft.

2019 was the real backbreaker, to me. If you picked a wide receiver in that draft, you didn’t miss. Roseman somehow picked the one guy who couldn’t play, JJ Arcega-Whiteside. The Eagles GM inexcusably picked Arcega-Whiteside 8 picks ahead of DK Metcalf.

A draft that also featured Deebo Samuel, AJ Brown, Terry McLaurin, Diontae Johnson, and Hunter Renfrow, Roseman picked a jump ball receiver who had no talent. Arcega-Whiteside was a bust from day one (Something I saw coming from a mile away). It’s an embarrassing and unforgivable mistake.

Blame Carson Wentz, all you want. Ask yourself this question; has the organization given him proper support? The answer is no. Roseman decided Metcalf couldn’t help this offense. A jump ball receiver with no talent somehow could. Despite the injuries the Eagles have, Arcega-Whiteside has zero receptions in three games. Dude, CAN’T PLAY.

What has Roseman done well? The defense doesn’t have a single reliable linebacker. Letting Malcolm Jenkins leave was a poor decision, especially when Jalen Mills was the only alternative. There’s no cornerback depth on the roster, and it forced them to overpay for Darius Slay.

The fact of the matter is, the Philadelphia Eagles are a terrible football team. That’s on Howie Roseman. I didn’t even once mention the fact that Roseman wasted a valuable second-round pick on Jalen Hurts, who can’t play. It does not matter who the quarterback is of this team. Wentz is an elite franchise quarterback who just won the NFC East with a 9-7 record carrying a terrible roster. 2020 will likely be no different but go ahead, blame Wentz. This is a roster construction issue, not a quarterback issue.