Anthony Lynn
Anthony Lynn has officially hit rock bottom. He compared his Chargers team to getting bombed at Peal Harbor. How is he still employed? (Orlando Ramirez/USA TODAY Sports)

Anthony Lynn Compares His Team To Pearl Harbor

Pour one out for the delusional Chargers fans. I was bashed for calling Anthony Lynn a joke. It turns out that hiring a running back coach who spent 14 years as a positional coach wasn’t a good idea. No shit… How’s 45-0 for an explanation San Diego Pete you dummy?

The Chargers were just humiliated by the Patriots 45-0 in a game where Cam Newton had 69 yards passing. NICE! The trainwreck that is Anthony Lynn is coming to an end sooner rather than later. His comments this week only confirmed it.

The Chargers head coach compared his team to the Pearl Harbor bombings. Uhhhhhh:

“We’re in a valley right now, and we’re down,” Lynn told reporters on Wednesday. “But we’re not out. Just the other day was Pearl Harbor day. You know, one of the biggest defeats this country’s had. And we bounced back from that. And kind of used it as an example with my staff the other day. We’re down and out, but we’re not dead yet. So we’re gonna finish out the season the right way, and today we’re gonna start with a good day of practice.”

Dude… what? Are you that pathetic? I know that Lynn is an idiot but is he that stupid? He compared his team to getting bombed during World War 2. How does this guy still have a job?

Losing 45-0 is like Alabama playing Troy. I’m not even sure Alabama loses 45-0 to this Patriots team. I guarantee Mac Jones at least scores. 69 yards passing was enough to take the Chargers down 45-0. At this point, it feels like beating a dead horse but only a clueless organization would have hired Lynn in the first place.