Mike Renner
Mike Renner officially dubbed himself as the dumbest draft analyst in the game by mocking Florida quarterback Emory Jones top ten of the 2022 NFL Draft. (Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports)

Mike Renner Officially Establishes Himself As The Dumbest Draft Analyst By Mocking Emory Jones In The Top Ten Of The 2022 NFL Draft

Pro Football Focus has officially hit rock bottom. We already know PFF are the dumbest football people on the internet. Today became a new low. Today is the day we officially declare PFF to have the same level of football IQ as the 2nd grader that puts glue on his hands for fun. Mike Renner is the head draft analyst at PFF and unintentionally made it clear he doesn’t have a single clue how to scout quarterbacks.

Of course, we already knew Renner didn’t know how to scout. He waved the white flag on his egregious Baker Mayfield take when the entire company essentially declared him the football equivalent of Zeus. Renner called JJ Arcega-Whiteside AND Andy Isabella first round prospects. YIKES.

The entire football universe is making fun of the Eagles for taking Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson. 99 percent of educated football fans would have taken Jefferson first. Of course, Renner had Reagor ranked significantly higher than Jefferson.

I can do this all day. Point being, the guy is REALLY dumb. I could make this blog 3,000 words just by going over all the examples where Renner made laughable draft analysis. Today… Today… God, I don’t even have the words for it. This next thing is so bad that I’m just left totally speechless. I didn’t think a human that prides itself on football knowledge could be THIS stupid.

Renner put out his mock draft today. Florida quarterback Emory Jones was mocked SIXTH to the Eagles. I swear I’m not joking. This was a real mock draft published on the internet.

“This one is obviously a massive projection, as he’s only taken 95 career dropbacks. Jones is one of the best dual threats in the country, though, and he earned an 86.1 rushing grade on 35 carries last season.”

Massive projection? Understatement of the year right there, pal. Scouting is a lot like American Idol. I don’t need very long to tell if you can sing or not. 95 dropbacks and I’ve seen enough of Emory Jones. That guy doesn’t have a SINGLE clue how to be a quarterback. NONE. Name whatever trait you want, Jones doesn’t have it.

I actually dropped this mock in the company Slack. A bunch of our guys didn’t even know who Emory Jones was. I’ll give my two cents on Jones so the reader has an idea of who he is.

Jones was a former four-star recruit from Georgia. He has decent size at 6-foot-2, 209, but really is more of a runner than a thrower. Florida will occasionally bring Jones into the game on designed quarterback run plays to pick up first downs. When I say designed quarterback run plays, I mean the entire defense knows he’s running the ball. Hey, guy can really run the football. I’ll give him that. Franchise quarterback? C’mon dude.

ThaMayorB35 hit the damn nail on the head right here.

I don’t want to say it’s impossible. Weird shit happens. Tim Tebow should have went undrafted. He went in the first. Ditto Johnny Manziel. Weird shit happens. Maybe Emory Jones has the year of all and explodes. In reality, there’s a way better chance Jones goes in the fourth round compared to the top ten. I did not list Jones inside my top 10 quarterbacks for the 2022 NFL Draft. Based on his actual resume, he wouldn’t get drafted if the 2022 NFL Draft was held today.

Words can’t describe how insane this year. I really don’t even have words for it.

We don’t even know if Emory Jones is going to be the starting quarterback on a full time basis. There’s a chance Dan Mullen rotates guys because he probably knows Jones can’t be relied on to be a dropback passer 25 times a game.

Mike Renner really did it man. This is rock bottom. I thought it was last year when PFF did the EXACT same thing and declared D’Eriq King a first round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. NOPE… this takes the cake right here. Emory Jones top 10 pick. Can’t make it up. I CANNOT WAIT to share this blog one year from now. CANNOT WAIT.