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I CANNOT WAIT to Expose PFF for the frauds they are. Is this the face of a man ready to accept a bet?

If you don’t know this already, then I’ll start out this article by saying I have more respect for Lorena Bobbitt than I do PFF. Hey, say what you want but at least she was good at her job. PFF does this tired act where they think their opinion trumps all but 99 percent of the time they end up looking like fools.

This next one is something you can’t even make up. Let’s call it the ultimate challenge. PFF has called their shot! Well, I should say George Chahrouri has:


You can’t make this up. He didn’t just say what I think he said. D’Eriq King in the FIRST ROUND!?!? Is George boy on CRACK?

I’m going to break this down into a few segments.

A: I have the full video saved for when the 2021 NFL Draft rolls around. I will be doing a full video edit come draft day. Oh, it’s going to be a great video.

B: I thought about waiting to write something on this until after the 2021 NFL Draft. I still will. I just wanted to put this piece out now so I don’t look like I’m just hating a year later. I’m putting this out now just so you have a reference point for next year. There is a ZERO percent chance King goes in the first round. NONE.

C: I’m putting a challenge out to PFF George right now. If he’s out there listening or you see this, make sure to tag him in it. Let’s make a bet George. IF D’Eriq King goes in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, I will pull a Ken Giles on myself. I will punch myself in the face live on camera multiple times. I’m not a pus either. I’ll crack myself good ones. Hell, I’ll deserve it.

IF D’Eriq King doesn’t go in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, you have to retire. I mean for good. I never want to see your dumb face on TV or the internet ever again. NEVER AGAIN. You have to quit PFF and sports journalism in general.

D: It feels like a fair bet considering that I have put PFF in my pocket at least twice. I put them in my pocket with Baker Mayfield being massively overrated. Then I did it again with JJ Arcega-Whiteside. The same clown show company that thought THAT GUY was a first round pick. 3 strikes, your out. Shut the company down.

E: There’s just no way King goes in the first round. If he transferred to Oklahoma, then maybe I’d be nervous. Jalen Hurts stinks and Lincoln Riley got him drafted in the second round. If Lincoln Riley is more powerful than the kid in Step Brothers that made them lick the white dog shit. At this point he could turn me into a draftable prospect.

What it looks like every time I challenge PFF

Let’s break this down. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are the top 2 dogs. I haven’t done my homework on Trey Lance but given the fact that he just threw 28 touchdowns and 0 interceptions, I’ll guess he’s the 3rd one off the board. Add Jamie Newman as the 4th guy. Maybe those top 3 are interchangeable. Who cares… not the point.

D’Eriq King isn’t going in the first round, you dope. Not even close. I’m not convinced he’s a third or fourth round pick. We will see. Either way, first round not happening. D’Eriq King is tiny. I think he’s smaller than Kyler Murray. He also has injury concerns and accuracy concerns. The dude completed around 52 percent of his throws last year. C’mon, guy.

F: I actually feel bad for George. 10 percent of me feels like maybe he just got his mind poisoned at PFF. He’s a decent looking dude. At least compared to the other schmucks in that company. Maybe the environment killed what could have been a smart football mind.

Now we wait. Is Georgy scared to take my bet? All I know is I CANNOT WAIT to expose these frauds again. D’Eriq King in the first round. That’s a take right there. The only question is by this time next year, does George look stupid or REALLY stupid. Time will tell.


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