PFF has officially waved the white flag on Baker Mayfield. Once again it proves I own them. I am here to declare victory.

PFF Officially Waves The White Flag On Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield was a third or fourth-round prospect coming out of Oklahoma. Well, that was or should have been your opinion anyway. Anybody who thought Mayfield was worthy of the number one overall pick didn’t know how to scout. Today, I’m here to officially declare victory over the clown show company that is PFF (Pro Football Focus).

PFF officially waved the white flag on Baker Mayfield today. You know, the same company that said he was a generational prospect. The same company that said Mayfield was the best prospect ever to enter the draft. You know, the same company I continue to put in my back pocket time after time.

Mike Renner waved the white flag for them today after he wrote a piece titled ‘Renner: It’s time to panic about Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield.’

Listen, I wouldn’t pile on PFF if they didn’t act the way that they do. They pretend that their statistics are the end all be all when it comes to prospects. They thought Josh Allen was un-draftable because of his stats at Wyoming. The whole company is a joke.

I tried to tell you that Mayfield was nothing more than a mediocre prospect and a low-end starter if lucky. I also told you Josh Allen was excellent. Today, Pro Football Focus finally came around and agreed. The only difference is they’re not going to take any blame for flawed analysis. Instead, they will blame it on the yips. Do better, nerds!

Today is the day that I get to declare victory. PFF continues to be the worst internet drafters on the planet.