Jon Gruden Hot Seat
Jon Gruden has to be on the hot seat. He sucks late in the year and if 2021 is the same he better be fired. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Jon Gruden Has To Be On The Hot Seat: He Sucks Late In The Year

My goodness, the Raiders have been a mess. They signed Jon Gruden straight out of television to a ten-year deal, and at his current pace, there’s no way he should be around to get halfway through that contract. I might enrage the majority of Raider Nation, but this is something that needs to be said. Jon Gruden has to be on the hot seat, if he can’t get to the playoffs this year then the Raiders have to tear up the contract and say, “Thanks for the memories, this ain’t it working.” REMEMBER I AM ON YOUR SIDE RAIDER NATION. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!

The Raiders have been a mess since they traded Jon Gruden to Tampa Bay (Yes head coaches can be traded like players). They’ve had two seasons above .500 since then, one was in 2002 when they got absolutely smashed by Jon Gruden in the Super Bowl (Karma) and the other time was in 2016. That’s a lot of losing, and a lot of sucking. Bringing back Gruden was like going back to an ex, except round two is much worse than round one. Gruden has peaked at 8-8 during his second round with the Raiders, and if that’s his best then his butt better be out the door by January 2022.

On paper, you look at how the Raiders have been with Gruden and think, “Alright they’re slowly improving.” But come on, if that’s all you look at you’re doing yourself a disservice, let’s take a look at how we got to 4-12, 7-9, and 8-8.

2018 Season: 4-12

This was year one of the rebuild, and they went completely in the direction of “tear this crap down.” They traded off Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper for multiple draft picks and were looking to rebuild the team almost entirely. Given the circumstances, 4-12 was fine. They just hit “delete” on most of their best players and decided to build through the draft. The rebuild has begun, it’s time to look ahead to next season.

2019 Season: 7-9

Upon the first look, you may think “Alright improvements!” However, that’s not the story of this season. The Raiders were 6-4 through their first 10 games. Then they absolutely crapped the bed and went 1-5 for the remainder of their season and missed the playoffs. I’ll give you the argument of “Well they’re still progressing” and yes they are. However, that type of collapse is ridiculous. That’s inexcusable, it can’t happen, it shouldn’t be accepted, and really can’t be defended. Did they have a difficult schedule? Yes. Did they completely choke at the end of the season? Also yes. Both can be true, and while they overall improved that collapse is just terrible and it falls directly on the head coach. They got better overall but that collapse is scary.

2020 Season: 8-8

Here we are, the 2020 NFL Season. The Raiders went 8-8, which again seems like an improvement. Someone thought that 10-6 and a playoff birth was realistic for the Raiders, and they let him down immensely. The Raiders were 6-3 and even took a freaking victory lamp around Arrowhead Stadium after they beat the Chiefs. Then they went 2-5 and finished 8-8 (They were an idiotic zero blitz call from Gregg Williams away from going 1-6 and right back to 7-9 overall again). That’s now two late-season collapses in a row and missing out on the playoffs because of it. Again, this type of collapse falls directly on the head coach, Jon Gruden’s seat better be piping hot right now. This catastrophe of a season is inexcusable.

Come on Mark Davis, you owe it to every single Raiders fan to fire Jon Gruden if 2021 doesn’t work. For goodness sake the amount of pain you’ve put them through is ridiculous, make it right and move on. If the Raiders don’t make the playoffs in 2021, when seven teams in each conference get to play in January, Jon Gruden better be gone for the sake of every Raiders fan. Remember Raider Nation, I’m on your side. I don’t want you to have to deal with this mess.

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