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Will PFF Apologize For Their Hypocrisy On The Eagles 2020 NFL Draft?


Will PFF apologize for their hypocrisy on the Eagles 2020 NFL Draft for agreeing with the decision to take Jalen Reagor ahead of Justin Jefferson?

Will PFF Apologize For Their Hypocrisy On The Eagles 2020 NFL Draft?

I have no respect for Pro Football Focus (or otherwise known as PFF). None, Zero, Zilch. Inauthentic hypocrites that have zero self pride.

Recently, PFF tried to make fun of the Eagles for taking Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson. That’s fine… except for the fact that they should also then be making fun of themselves.

Now see that’s funny. This would be the equivalent of calling someone out for picking their boogers. Yet that same person is knuckle deep in his own nose. That’s PFF. Booger picking nerds who in reality are clueless hypocritical DOPES.

Now, the people at PFF all have the same opinion. That’s what happens when you rely on a computer for your information instead of actually knowing how to scout players.

PFF released their 2020 NFL Draft grades. Again, there’s no author on the blog because they all have the same opinion. Philadelphia got an A for their draft.

“Draft Grade: A”

Day 1: Wide receiver was priority number one for Philadelphia entering the draft, and it was a mission accomplished by picking up Jalen Reagor in Round 1. Reagor is an explosive athlete by nature, and that becomes clear when he has the ball in his hands. Over the past two years, Reagor generated an explosive play of 15-plus yards on 51.6% of his catches — the second-highest rate in college football and nearly 20 percentage points above the FBS average. With that athleticism, Reagor constantly gets behind defenses. Look beyond Reagor’s collegiate production for a reason to worry about his future in the NFL – his situation at TCU could not have been much worse, as he saw a catchable target just 61.4% of the time, which ranked 118th among 120 wideouts. We love this pick for the Eagles.”

Now see that’s funny. What I find hilarious is the fact that PFF made fun of the Eagles for taking Jalen Reagor. Yet their draft grades praised Philadelphia for making said pick. Weird. Almost like mirrors seem to be a completely and utterly foreign object.

Now, of course, Trey actually has a brain. I gave the Eagles a D for their 2020 Draft class. Seems odd to me that the company that agreed with the Eagles taking Reagor is the same place mocking them.

This is what I said about the Reagor pick:

“I’m not sure anybody has a worse start to their draft than the Eagles. I thought they did a nice save face job on day 3. This isn’t a joke. I’ve been a big advocate of Howie Roseman. I would fire him today.

The Eagles needed wide receiver help. That wasn’t a secret. However, it’s hard not to call what happened in the first round a failure. The failure to trade up for CeeDee Lamb I won’t hold against him too much. BUT… to take Jalen Reagor at 21 is/was laughable. He would have been there 10 picks later. May have been there 20 picks later. Move down. KJ Hamler went in the middle of the 2nd round who I think is better. Reagor has drop issues too which is the last thing the Eagles need. Reagor may end up making it but even reaching a DeSean Jackson ceiling doesn’t feel likely. In a deep wide receiver draft, there was no reason to do this. Especially when someone who is the caliber of Lamb went 4 picks earlier. Passing on Justin Jefferson who went the very next pick doesn’t seem smart.”

Want to hear something even funnier? Now, you would think if PFF is making fun of the Eagles for passing on Justin Jefferson, surely they were big fans of him coming out of LSU? Only a complete and utter coward would try to pretend and would make fun of someone for a mistake they also ended up making, right?

Interestingly enough, PFF has their 2020 NFL Draft rankings thanks to the Google machine. Justin Jefferson is ranked 8th. Jalen Reagor is ranked 5th.

Here’s the quote from the clueless dope himself, Mike Renner. It wouldn’t matter who wrote the article. They all have the same opinion. The computer tells them what to say.

“Don’t worry about the lack of production in 2019. You don’t put on tape what Reagor did as a true sophomore in 2018 without serious talent. If you need some juice in your offense, Reagor is your guy.”

“Jefferson’s body control and ball skills are superb. Whether or not he can consistently create space to work on his own from the outside remains to be seen.”

I have the receipts too. See, I have Justin Jefferson ranked third on my list. Jalen Reagor did not make the top 10 for me.

Look, it just seems odd that the company running their mouths are the same dopes that would have made the exact same decision Howie Roseman did. Those type of people, I have no respect for. Nor should you.

Just seems odd to me. PFF had Mitch Trubisky ranked ahead of Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes.

PFF had JJ Arcega-Whiteside as a first round player.

They had Josh Allen as virtually undraftable.


I can do this all day.

If I was as bad as they are at analyzing the NFL Draft, I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror. I would retire from sports media. I would hand the keys to Vendetta over to someone else. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. I’d look at myself as a failure.

PFF. The company of clueless dopes that lack accountability. Couldn’t make it up if you tried. Never Forget. You’re the dumbest people on the internet.

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