Nick Saban Dylan Moses
Dylan Moses went undrafted due to medical reasons, Nick Saban compares his mistake passing on Drew Brees to NFL teams passing on Moses. (Ron Jenkins/Associated Press)

Nick Saban Compares Dylan Moses’ Injury Situation To Drew Brees

Former Alabama linebacker Dylan Moses went undrafted due to medical reasons, his former head coach Nick Saban compared Moses’ medical situation to Drew Brees. Moses signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars as an undrafted free agent, and Saban thinks that Jacksonville got a great player.

Saban was with the Miami Dolphins when they passed on Drew Brees in free agency due to a shoulder injury. Which is clearly something that he still regrets, and he thinks that NFL teams may feel the same regret for passing on Dylan Moses.

Don’t forget, when I was the coach of the Miami Dolphins, doctors failed Drew Brees on a physical. From that time on he made about 14 Pro Bowls, won a Super Bowl, passed for I don’t know how many thousands of yards. So I guess they make mistakes too.

Saban told reporters

Dylan Moses went undrafted because of medical reasons, Nick Saban had some comments about that.

It had nothing to do with what kind of football player he is. It was based on medical grades by teams which, frankly, was a little surprising to me. In my time in the league, when guys were injured and they came back and played, that usually got out of that five medical grade, which is undraftable. It might’ve been a four medical grade, which means a guy does have an injury, it could be a problem in the future, but he’s come back and played with it so we ought to give him an opportunity, which I certainly think that’s where Dylan Moses should’ve fallen for sure, and should’ve gotten an opportunity because he played all season long for us. And I think that should be a good enough indicator that he can play in the NFL.

Saban told reporters

Nick Saban is clearly supportive of Dylan Moses. If anyone knows what it feels like to miss out on a great player because of medical reasons, it’s Saban.

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