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Is Jeff Nadu Now Unhirable?

Jeff Nadu


Jeff Nadu
Is Jeff Nadu now unhirable? After Nadu’s latest Barstool exit is it fair to question if he’s now unhirable for any other media company? (Twitter)

Is Jeff Nadu Now Unhirable?

I’m going to give you a peek behind the curtain today. The Chinese Farmer might say that maybe I shouldn’t give the peek behind the curtain, but I don’t think it will portray the same message without it. Is Jeff Nadu now unhirable after his latest Barstool exit? I’ll let you decide the answer to that after we’re done.

We almost hired Jeff Nadu. Well, we did hire him. After Rico basically forced Nadu out the door the first time, Nadu was going to come to Vendetta to start the Mafia show he does now. All of the things Nadu complained about with Barstool about not having enough support, we were going to provide him. The Sit Down show didn’t exist yet and we were going to help build it from scratch. Nadu didn’t need us given the following he has but we thought that we had built a friendly relationship that he could move forward with and trust. We interviewed him twice in the past and felt that this thing had the potential to be huge under our platform.

Jeff Nadu

Thumbnails were made. Audio producers and video editors were set aside specifically for him. I thought the Mafia stuff would have been a perfect fit at Vendetta and we were going to give him all the help he ever could have wanted. Again, all the things that Nadu complained about Barstool not providing him enough help, we were taking care of that part. At the last moment, Nadu backed out and begged to go back to Barstool.

I was obviously rubbed the wrong way but it’s water under the bridge. This company will continue to thrive with or without Nadu and at this point even if he wanted to come here that’s now for sure off the table. Truth be told, I think it may have been a real Chinese farmer moment. Maybe we dodged a bullet.

Despite begging to go back to Barstool, Nadu is now out just 11 months later. I watched/listened to the Barstool Rundown and the Twitter Space Nadu did afterward. Dave Portnoy is many things but a liar is not one of them. I don’t always agree with the things Portnoy does but it’s hard to disagree with the way that he described Nadu. When Portnoy gave a quick summary of what happened, the only takeaway is that Nadu should be deemed as unhirable for any media company moving forward.

I think my jaw dropped about twelve times watching this just stunned in disbelief. For a guy that begged to go back to Barstool, how could he possibly act like this? Especially after full well knowing what he was signing up for. Regardless, what an absolute lunatic for asking for a 100% raise after one year when the company held the option to extend it for a second year. Isn’t Nadu supposed to be a sports guy? Does he really not understand how options work in contracts? Based on what Barstool was paying him,  his semi-successful show was still losing them money. Is it even about the money? Acting like this based on the company having an option is Looney Tunes.

If you listened to the Twitter space, he basically admits that he either doesn’t know how to read and or is dumb. The space was filled with total losers and was lowkey hateful. Also, the fact that Nadu listed Sofia Franklyn as his number one Barstool girl says everything you need to know. The only thing Nadu has a point on is the Steven Cheah thing. Very childish to let fandom get in the way of gambling but that’s a story for another day.

Whether it be this or the wacko stuff he does at the club, I can’t see how another media company takes him on unless you want to sign up for nonsense.

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