Rico Bosco Jeff Nadu
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Rico Bosco and Jeff Nadu, aka Big Man On Campus, had a rivalry that started before Nadu even started at Barstool. Bosco finally got his wish and drove Jeff Nadu to leave Barstool.

On The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie and Co. Portnoy gave his perspective on how it all went down, and how Rico made this an impossible situation for Nadu.

He didn’t tell me… nobody tells me when they resign. I don’t blame him, I wish he stuck it out. I saw Big Cat going after Rico and [Big Cat] is 100% right. Rico is an immature, crazy baby, he is also super funny…. He has been with us for [three] presidencies, so he has money in the bank and he has loyalty.

[Bosco] has run out three people, BlackJack [Fletcher], Paul [LoDuca], and Nadu, I think Nadu could have found a niche here.

It sucks, I would have quit if I was Nadu

Nadu has a gripe for sure

Dave Portnoy on The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie and Co

Rico made enemies with other Barstool employees that he thought were encroaching on his content, which is anything gambling related, and he has made those people quit Barstool. No matter how valuable Bosco is, or thinks he is there is a human element involved that makes Bosco in the wrong here.

Everyone has co-workers they hate, some for valid reasons and some not, but driving someone to quit their job by bullying them online and refusing to work with them makes Bosco in the wrong.

We definitely enabled it, we enabled Rico. Rico is a legit crazy person, but he is funny content, and to be honest, keeping Rico crazy produces better content.

Rico is fucking nuts and he railroaded a bunch of people, but Nadu the most

For better or for worse, we have a long relationship with Rico and I think his content is more interesting, unique, electric than Nadu so I didn’t see a huge loss.

Portnoy continued

One of the other issues with Nadu came from the shirts that he put on sale. They were not selling so Portnoy took them off the Barstool Sports shop, and Nadu thought that was wrong.

Nadu is selling shirts on his own site now, funnily enough, the same shirts that Portnoy took down from the store.

TL//DR: Rico Bosco drove Jeff Nadu to quit.