Derek Carr
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Derek Carr Is Severely Overhated, Stop The Nonsense

I don’t absolutely adore Derek Carr with every fiber of my being, but come on now. He gets way too much hate, and he honestly isn’t appreciated enough by NFL fans and even some Raiders fans.

In all honesty, I feel like Alex Chick is the only Raiders fan I’ve ever interacted with that actually values Derek Carr. That’s absolutely ridiculous! Carr has never been the problem for the Raiders. In fact, he’s been one of the few bright spots on the team over the past few years. I’d make Jon Gruden pack his bags and send Mike Mayock right back to NFL Network before I blame Derek Carr. He’s one of the few bright spots for the Las Vegas Raiders, and I’d comfortably put Carr in my top 12 quarterbacks. I just can’t understand why people would think it’s logical to blame everything on him. Carr played the game of his life against the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Raiders lost because Johnathan Abram decided not to play his zone.

Derek Carr has improved his play and production every year since Jon Gruden tore the team down and decided to hang Carr out to dry. His 27 touchdowns, 101.4 passer rating, and 4,103 passing yards are highs for Carr since Gruden took over. With the addition of Nelson Agholor for the 2020 season, Carr was being aggressive and pushing the ball down the field. All you need to do is watch the games, and this will be obvious to you.

Derek Carr has his flaws. He tails off when the winter weather shows up. But who doesn’t have flaws? Even that guy or girl who seems perfect to you has flaws, that’s just how it is. Some of them are stuff you need to live through, and I’d rather live through some crappy snow games than someone who can’t see underneath defenders.

Like seriously, why is Derek Carr one of the first names I hear when the Raiders struggle? He’s one of the only reasons that the Raiders are actually half-relevant! Hell, if the Raiders are dumb enough to move off of Derek Carr, which they just might be, I’d be one of the first people to want him on my team.

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