Mike Mayock
(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Mike Mayock Needs To Be Fired: He Has No Idea What He’s Doing

I feel like the Raiders have been winning games and .500 in spite of the talent that Mike Mayock has provided them. I mean holy crap, have you seen a defense with worse personnel? What is he even doing in the drafts? The Raiders have had close to the most, if not the most, draft capital since Mayock took over. Now they’re a steaming pile of crap, and have spent the 2021 offseason fixing the mistakes of their draft blunders. They’re not even that good in free agency.

Mayock Sucks At Drafting

Holy crap this is painful to watch. First off, Mike Mayock spent the fourth overall pick on Clelin Ferrell. Josh Allen, Devin White, Devin Bush, and Rashan Gary were all available and better players. With the fourth overall pick, you simply can’t settle for “High floor, high character, culture” guys. You gotta go for the damn home run. Could you strike out? Sure, but you need to hit more than a single with the fourth overall pick. Then, Josh Jacobs at pick 24. When a team is completely gutted, why on God’s green earth are you picking a running back in the first round? Sure, Jacobs is a very good player, but he’s a running back and so many other players were on the board. Byron Murphy, and Sean Murphy-Bunting were on the board and the Raiders need corners. Then Johnathan Abram at pick 27, and the dude can’t cover as a safety. Mayock admitted his mistakes, but he hasn’t changed his process at all.

Mayock Does Not Understand Value

When the Raiders draft, they reach when you look at the consensus board. It would be one thing if they were hitting home runs, but they’re not. Even if they were, they’re playing the game the wrong way by reaching on players. If you have a higher grade on someone than the consensus, play the value. Let’s take the Alex Leatherwood pick as an example. Most people had him as a second or third-round caliber player, the Raiders obviously liked him as a top 20 player. If you can get a top 20 player (based on your evaluation) in the second or third round, you do that in a heartbeat. Then you could take two top 20 players and then you get a steal if the player you picked in the second or third plays like a first-round caliber player. To put it simply, let’s say you really like pizza, you absolutely LOVE pizza. You love it so much you’d be willing to pay $50 for a single slice. When the school cafeteria is selling it for $2.50, you pay $2.50 for it. You don’t say “This is worth $50, not $2.50!” You’re just screwing yourself and bidding against yourself, you’re a moron if you do that.

If the Raiders disappoint in 2021, Mike Mayock’s ass better be gone. He screwed up in the draft with a ridiculous stockpile of picks. Gruden should be feeling the heat too, even though I have a nagging suspicion that he will never go anywhere.

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