Derek Carr
Good news, Derek Carr is having a career year. Bad news, it’s getting cold and Derek Carr stinks in cold weather. (Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

The Raiders just got smacked in Week 12 by the Jets 34-3. While the Raiders were on the road making the West to East coast trip is a factor to note, there is no excuse for being THIS bad. Oakland has been better than expected holding a record of 6-5. There have been encouraging signs. They are getting more sacks, Jon Gruden is making a positive impact, Josh Jacobs has been a successful pick, and Derek Carr is having a career year. What if the last one is more fools gold? As we get later into the NFL season, the Carr that is completing over 70 percent of his throws may not be there. Derek Carr stinks in cold weather.

Before I begin any further. Yes, I realize the sample size is small. Yes, I realize that the Raiders play in California. Still, if the Raiders want to actually do some damage on the road when it counts in the playoffs, they have to be concerned that their quarterback stinks in cold weather. I guess it doesn’t matter because the Raiders aren’t ever going to be playing in meaningful road playoff games anyway, but I digress. In games where the temperature is under 40 degrees, Carr is 0-4, completing 51 percent of his passes, averaging 152 yards a game, with a 9 QBR throwing three touchdowns and four interceptions. This past week he was brutal and eventually got benched for Mike Glennon.

How much of that is real and how much of that is a fluke? Tough to say given that Carr plays in Oakland California for the Raiders and went to Fresno State. Carr measured in with 9 1/2 inch hands at the combine which is on the below average side. Maybe it’s something that factors into his bad play in cold weather games. He’s not the only one that stinks in cold weather games. Jared Goff does too who shares a lot of the same qualities of Carr. Played college at Cal, plays in LA for the Rams, has small hands, plays poorly under pressure, and stinks in cold weather. It makes you wonder how real this is.

The good news is the Raiders are exceeding expectations. The bad news is it’s starting to get cold. Is Carr’s lack of success in cold weather real or just a fluke? We’re about to find out.