Steven Cohen
Credit: Reuters/Landov

Dave Portnoy and the people’s war against the Wall Street elite is just now heating up. Portnoy earlier demanded that all involved in the removing of AMC and GameStop stock on the trading app Robinhood be thrown in jail. Now, Portnoy is going for the throat by calling out Steven Cohen. Cohen, owner of the New York Mets, is also the founder of a venture company called Point72.

You may ask yourself, who is Portnoy going after the owner of the Mets? While the Mets have been wrapped up in some controversy recently, this has nothing to do with baseball. As previously stated, Cohen is the founder of the venture company Point72. Plot twist, Point72 has massive shares in Robinhood.

Cohen must not know what he’s done. You don’t tell a guy like Dave Portnoy to chill out, especially in public. That’s as bad as saying “sorry Trey” before giving a fantasy football take that you absolutely missed on. There are just some things you don’t say to certain people. Because those people will never forget, and for good reason.

The Head of the Snake

Cohen denies having anything to do with this. I highly doubt that. Point72 is down 15% since Redditors decided to set the trade world on fire. When a company is dealing in the billions, that 15% could result in massive losses. Losses to the overall company hurt Steven Cohen’s pocket book.

You cannot tell me otherwise. Steven Cohen is a scumbag who is throwing his weight around to manipulate the market and crush the little guy. He will continue to sit in his ivory tower eating avocado toast and watch as we cry out for help but nothing comes.

Portnoy is establishing himself as the general of the people’s army against Wall Street. Everything surrounding this story, both Portnoy’s personal war with Steven Cohen and what’s happening in the market, is still changing every minute. Make sure you stay tuned and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on what is going on.