Dave Portnoy
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Today has been a crazy day if you pay any attention to social media. The massive surge in stocks for AMC and GameStop has caused an uproar among the elites on Wall Street. These big cats decided to fight back by stopping people from freely trading during the day. Barstool Founder Dave Portnoy did not mince words on Twitter, stating that all those involved in the stopping of free trade need to be imprisoned.

Portnoy has been on top of this situation all day today on Twitter. Multiple times throughout the day, Portnoy has attacked Robinhood and others for stopping free trade from ensuing. Dave’s criticism has even made it to the national news cycle.

The situation in the market has raised a lot of eyebrows. Many senators are calling into question the legality of what is going on from trading apps, such as Robinhood, and the possibility of further investigation by the US government.

Talks of class action lawsuits against Robinhood and others are beginning to gain traction. Portnoy has discussed bringing one against these companies, and apparently one has already filed against Robinhood in New York.

Truth is, the game was rigged from the start

To be frank, what’s happening right now on Wall Street is outrageous and an attack on the free market. Personally, I don’t have much invested in the market, but I understand and realize what is happening. Dave Portnoy, according to him, has over one million dollars tied up in these surging stocks.

It will defiantly be interesting to see how the rest of this plays out. Portnoy has become a huge leader on Twitter and has pissed off the big wigs more than once already. But what is currently happening is unacceptable. Maybe whoever is in charge of Robinhood and whoever they answer to should be put in jail. Will the government step in to protect its citizens? My hopes are not very high. Only time will tell.

The little guy always gets screwed over. Today has not shown us anything different. The game will always be rigged in favor of the ones that make the rules. The second the game is no longer in their favor, they’ll change the rules. But there is one thing that we, the common man and woman can do. If you bought GameStop or AMC stock, your mission is simple. HOLD THE DAMN LINE!