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In a recent article, I called Jusuf Nurkic a head case and lazy. Yes, he does need to step up for the Portland Trail Blazers. But calling him Lazy and a Head Case was a little harsh. So I, Dacota Haynes, will admit, that was wrong of me to say.

Recently, it has broken the news that Nurkic is still dealing with remnants of some family issues back in Bosnia. These issues had happened before the season started. I mean the guy is human after all, we have to respect that.

And now he has a broken wrist. Which is the second major injury he’s had in a year and a half.

When Nurkic is healthy and playing well, the Blazers are a very different team.

But, how often will Nurkic be healthy? Is it fair to call him injury prone?

No, it is not fair to call him injury prone yet, because these last two injuries are not his fault.

The Blazers were just starting to get the production they needed from Nurkic before he broke his hand.

But with his surgery the Blazers will be without Nurk for 6-8 weeks.

As for depth at the center position, they have Enes Kanter and Harry Giles. Not starting bigs for a championship contending team.

The Blazers also lost CJ McCollum. This one hurts but not as much as Nurkic. Yes CJ has been on fire this season and was playing lights out. But, the Blazers have Gary Trent Jr. and Rodney Hood to fill in.

The Blazers have also had to postpone two games now, including their scheduled game for today. This means that both Nurkic and McCollum should be available for those games in the second half of the season.

Which Jusuf Nurkic will we see upon the return?


Nurkic has four and a half years to help the Blazers win the championship. But they still haven’t. Though if he didn’t get hurt in 2019, they probably could have.

Jusuf Nurkic is the Anchor of the Blazers defense. Damian Lillard, even has better defensive stats with Nurk down low than with any other center.

Yes, when he comes back he needs to get in better shape and step up for the Portland Trail Blazers. But, the 26 year old still has a few more weeks to get things right. And hopefully he will, because upon his return the Blazers will need the Bosnian Beast.

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