Barstool and SiriusXM are Done
(Barstool Sports)

Barstool is Done with SiriusXM – Barstool Radio is Going off the Air

Barstool Radio’s time on SiriusXM is coming to a close, on Friday, January 29th they will do their last show on satellite radio.

Trey wrote a few months ago about Dave Portony, the founder and chief of content at Barstool Sports threatened to pull their star-studded lineup off Sirius after not getting a fair offer. The contract has ended between the two companies, and Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool and Portnoy declared they would not sign an extension to remain on radio.

The initial reaction from Dave came on his own podcast The Dave Portony Show with Eddie and Co. when Dave got the news Howard Stern received a 120 million dollar contract from Sirius. Dave believes, and rightfully so, that the Barstool lineup on radio is equal if not more popular and worthy of a contract close to that.

Barstool and Sirius initially came together in January 2017 for a two hour show on their primarily MMA and combat sport channel. The show which was hosted by Kevin Clancy (KFC) with Dave in the second chair. The show grew in popularity, and led to Barstool getting its own 24/7 channel on Sirius.

From that point on, Barstool put its funniest, most popular personalities on the line-up, most of which getting their own show to host. Dan Katz aka Big Cat hosted the Evening Yak, which just turned into the Yak. KFC got his own show with Kayce Smith and Jarred Carrabis called CCK. PFT Commenter, the mystery man whose name is a mystery (Yes, I know it isn’t a mystery anymore) participated in a daily trivia show on the channel.

In the final few months of their contract, it seemed as if Barstool and Sirius couldn’t have been on more opposite pages in terms of dollars and cents. Dave values his time at about roughly $10,000 an hour these days, and would not commit to an hour a day without proper compensation.

Dave, while recording his podcast, got a text from Nardini, claiming Sirius was making a last minute effort to keep the media company on its airwaves.

Text messages between Erika Nardini (blue) and Dave (grey)

The two sides never came to an agreement, making Friday January 29th the last day for Barstool Radio as we know it.

We do know that The Yak and Picks Central the daily gambling show will continue in some fashion, while the rest of the lineup will take a temporary hiatus from daily radio.

TL//DR: Barstool Radio is leaving SiriusXM, what the future holds for daily radio at Barstool Sports is unclear, but I don’t expect them to be gone for long.