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Reddit Makes the Stock Market Surge

(Mike Mozart on Flickr)
Mike Mozart on Flickr

Reddit Makes the Stock Market Surge

Reddit users have been a big part of a surge in stocks for struggling companies. It’s the success most likely won’t last long. As for now, Game Stop is especially thriving the company was selling Shares for $3 to $5 this time last year. When the pandemic started GameStop hit a really low point. Digitized gaming was and is still killing them, but more people in quarantine led to a lot of people buying games again. Yet with all this a week ago the stock was doing well at $25 dollars a share now on January 26th went from $80 a share to over $200 a share after Elon Musk hopped on board this train. Thank you, Reddit for making the stock market surge.

His Tweet sent the market into a frenzy, now how long will the climb for Game Stop last? The reason he spelled it wrong is that last week he spelled a stock wrong on accident. As a result, everyone bought that stock instead of the one originally intended.

Let’s lookout similar stocks and talk about the potential. Invest in AMC now the theater Chain. While the company has struggled to make a profit since the acquisition of Carmike Cinema in 2017 and has expanded to using almost all its cash assets due to the COVID-19, there could be a light at the end of the tunnel after a cash flow of 917 million was to put into the theatre chain to keep it afloat through 2021, on Monday.

After all there very well seems to be a hopeful return of movies in theaters and people to returning to those movies. It’s possible that AMC could re-surge as other movie theaters have failed to make it through COVID-19 giving them a leg up already being the biggest movie theatre chain in the United States. This could be a big stock to look out for. This stock on Tuesday alone jumped from $4 a share to $8 by the end of the day the same Reddit group has been on this trend. Get someone like Elon Musk in on it, and it will most likely jump to around $20 a share. Hop on and ride the wave right now is time to buy.

Now let’s add another company coming from the pit of despair to make a huge resurgence. Blackberry, a tech company that has a good share of ups and downs was trading at $12 a share last week and has jumped to over $22 a share and a forecast that is only looking up. Now, this makes more sense as this company is working on projects that are big with batteries and cybersecurity so maybe this is the far less risky option. Either way, this Reddit trend seems to be taking effect over the last couple of years, but Elon Musk has paid attention, and every time he acknowledges these trends they go crazy. Since he is now the richest person in the world, it easily says you should probably listen to this guy.

While these companies come with high risks the rewards make it all worthwhile. Sure you could invest in a company like Tesla, but you won’t double your money tomorrow. You have to take risks, dump your money in AMC and GameStop and help save the companies that shaped our childhoods so they don’t end up like Blockbuster.

If you’re looking for the next Tesla look at other Electric Car Companies. Whether you are a fan of electric or not it is the leading edge. Workhorse is one in particular I like as they are likely to get government contracts. It could be a safer investment. Also, look at companies like GM and Ford they are shifting towards electric, and the price to buy shares is currently low on both.

Nokia and Express need to be on your radar as well both have nearly doubled in the last few days. Penny Stocks such as Nakd, a clothing line, and Sundial, which is a flower and Cannabis company are thriving as well. Reddit made the market surge, so look at what they are saying about these companies.

The shortages of Playstation5s and XBOX series Xs have definitely helped GameStop and that can be another reason to invest, especially if there is another stimulus. Before the Pandemic started AMC and movie theater chains were expected to have fairly big years. As for GameStop, they were entering bankruptcy and they are still in bankruptcy. With the hope of rebounding, now is the time to invest go for it. Stop making excuses. It’s easier to invest than you think. Download Acorns, Robinhood, or Stash. They make it easy.

Exploring investing in Disney, you know the parks will return to full capacity. Eventually, the movies should as well, articles like the one below should help give assurance of both AMC and Disney. Marvel which is owned by Disney is making big moves. Also, go look at what they are saying about Disney on Reddit as that might be the big factor in making the market surge. Reddit made the market surge for companies we grew up on not just financial companies.

Reddit has truly found its way. Reddit makes the stock market surge. Also, invest in Blackberry as the outlook is good, don’t quit your day job but do invest in AMC and GameStop now.


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