Todd Downing
How is no one terrified that Todd Downing won’t crash and burn the Titans? Coaching matters and the Titans might be in big trouble. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

How Is No One Concerned Todd Downing Won’t Crash And Burn The Titans?

Why is everyone in on the Titans? For the life of me, I can’t quite understand. Once again Tennessee enters the season with a zero percent chance to win the Super Bowl. Only this time, there is a real crash and burn scenario alive and well. So we’re just going to sit here and pretend Todd Downing is going to keep this Titans offense at an elite level? Not buying it. Sorry, not sorry.

Coaching matters. Matt Ryan hasn’t been the same since Kyle Shanahan walked out the door. In fact, coaching more than matters. It just might mean everything. How did the NFL public view Ryan Tannehill when Adam Gase was his head coach? How does the public view him now? What if Tannehill wasn’t as bad as he showed with Miami and he’s not close to as good as he has played with Tennessee? Why won’t anyone acknowledge this?

I think there is a chance this Arthur Smith fella is really, really smart. He’s being replaced by a guy I’m not sure has anything more than rocks for brains. Downing has one year of coordinator experience which came with the Raiders in 2017. In 2016, Bill Musgrave led a Raiders offense to a 12-4 record. Downing takes over and the Raiders go 6-10. How is no one concerned again?

This Titans team frankly is not a good football team. Bud Dupree was brought over this offseason but he can’t save this pathetic pass rush by himself. The cornerback unit is filled with question marks. So is the defensive line.

Trading for Julio Jones is nice (despite the fact that they overpaid) but I’m not sure the offense is better either. Losing Jonnu Smith stings and they just flat out failed to replace him. I’m not a Corey Davis fan either, but I’m not sure Julio is a massive upgrade like he would have been three years ago.

At the end of the day, this comes down to Tannehill. Last year was the first time in his life he sniffed 30 touchdowns. I’ll take the under for basically stat Tannehill had from last season. Coaching matters and I think we’re going to see that in a big way with the Titans.

PS: Don’t buy the Titans on SimBull. They might be the single worst stock you can buy on the market.

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