Antonio Gibson
Antonio Gibson should thrive as a fantasy running back, but I’m terrified to draft him. Are we sure Gibson is the real deal here? (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

I’m Terrified To Draft Antonio Gibson In Fantasy

Do you ever just get a bad gut call? All the evidence points towards success but for whatever reason, you just have that bad feeling in your stomach telling you no? That’s how I feel about Antonio Gibson. All the signs point to good things but I just have a bad feeling, man. I’m terrified to draft Antonio Gibson in fantasy.

There’s a lot of goofy stuff going on here in Washington. First, they don’t even have a team name. Now you’re bringing in Ryan Fitzpatrick or AKA the most unpredictable quarterback in the league. I still think Ron Rivera is a goofball. I’m not sure I trust this offense to score. Best of all… are we sure JD McKissic isn’t a thing?

Sounds crazy, I know. However, McKissic very much IS a thing. We can say whatever we want here but this dude got 110 targets last year on an 80 reception season. That’s not a fluke. I think Washington likes this guy and will continue to feed him in passing situations. Is it possible Gibson has been hyped as a potential Austin Ekeler but simply will never see that type of passing game volume?

I still don’t trust him. I see a lot of Tony Pollard and maybe a worse version. I like Kenneth Gainwell a lot but Gibson couldn’t sniff him in college. Gibson got 38 carries at Memphis because he wasn’t good enough to see the field. Now I’m supposed to believe he’s this top 10 fantasy running back because of a sneaky good 10 game stretch? Sorry if I’m not ready to go there yet.

Listen, maybe I’m way wrong. There’s almost no competition in this backfield and the Washington defense is built to protect leads and run the football. Gibson is still on my cheese list because I can’t buy in right now. Time will tell.

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