Julio Jones
The Titans decision to trade for Julio Jones should be described as a desperate move by a desperate franchise. Tennessee remains foolish and irrelevant. (Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Titans Trade For Julio Jones: A Desperate Move By A Desperate Franchise

A desperate move by a desperate franchise. Those are the only words used to describe the Titans’ decision to trade for Julio Jones. Tennessee will send Atlanta a second round pick plus more draft pick compensation to acquire Jones. A directionless franchise with no future just made a bone headed mistake.

For those who don’t know, I placed a curse on the Titans franchise. Just read the post. It’s a well deserved curse. So far the curse is going very well. The Titans have become the Marvin Lewis Bengals. Stuck in the middle with no real hope to win a Super Bowl. Not bad enough to ever acquire a franchise quarterback. It’s PERFECT.

The Titans really did it again. Look, Julio is a great player but you’re stupid if you think this move was a great idea.

“Hey, let’s acquire a past his prime Julio who struggles with nagging injuries. Let’s then give up a second round pick and more in order to pay him $22 million per year over the next three years and most likely be willing to restructure the contract given how receivers are when they’re traded”

If you can read that sentence and believe that’s a smart idea… you sir or mam are unequivocally dumb on every single level. I don’t trust you to cross the street by yourself level dumb. It’s not really a discussion. I can’t believe the Titans ate that entire contract. I can’t believe it.

Does Julio help the Titans in the short term? Most likely IF he can actually stay healthy. Short term as in maybe one or two years that is.

It also doesn’t matter. You’re not winning the Super Bowl with Ryan Tannehill. You can’t Trent Dilfer your way to a championship anymore. It’s not possible anymore. Furthermore, the Titans’ defense couldn’t sniff the 2000 Ravens defense. They’re not on the same planet.

Did you know the Titans ranked 30th in the NFL in sacks a year ago (1.2 per game). Yes, the Titans signed Bud Dupree but he’s not saving this awful pass rush by himself. It’s a very average defense.

It’s also a run first offense. I’m sure Julio will be thrilled to watch Derrick Henry run the ball 30 times a game while he sees six targets a game. Tennessee probably would have been better off trying to land a premier tight end with the way this offense is run. Does anybody know what you’re getting from Anthony Firkser?

Long term? This is dumb as hell. You’re essentially giving up a valuable second round pick so that you can pay this current iteration of AJ Green $22 million a year down the line. It doesn’t get dumber than this.

The Titans have flushed a lot of draft picks down the toilet but they have been good picking in round two. A round they found Derrick Henry and AJ Brown in.

Once again the Titans are irrelevant. A directionless franchise with no real future made a bone headed decision. The Julio Jones trade changes nothing except put a wrench into the future. Good luck with this one. When Indianapolis wins the division anyway, I’ll still be here laughing. When Jacksonville wins it down the road, I’ll still be here laughing. Titans? Dumb, incompetent, and foolish are the only words that should be used to describe this trade.

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