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SimBull NFL Tennessee Titans Breakdown

As our coverage of all 32 teams for their SimBull NFL value nears the end, we have come up to the Tennessee Titans. The Titans finished 11-5 last season, winning a competitive AFC South division, but losing to the Baltimore Ravens in the Wild Card 20-13. This off-season, they made massive changes to both their offense and the defense. In a division with only one real competitor, does this Titans team has massive SimBull NFL upside? Let’s break that down. If you want to read our most recent post covering the Seattle Seahawks, click here.

Biggest Reasons To Invest On SimBull NFL

Let’s start with the obvious: this was an 11 win team last year. This off-season, not only did they draft pretty well (despite what the Don of Vendetta Trey Daubert thinks) they went out and landed a premier Wide Receiver in Julio Jones to bolster this offense even more. I don’t understand the hate on this deal. Tennessee now has an elite WR room to along with the best Running Back in football in Derrick Henry and an underrated Ryan Tannehill at Quarterback. Their defense was also improved as well in the draft and with the signings of Janoris Nekins, Bud Dupree, and others. This Titans team upgraded in every facet they needed to. I see that as a win.

Biggest Reasons To Avoid Investing On SimBull NFL

The only hangup I see with this Titans team is that the Colts got better this season as well in rescuing Carson Wentz from the Philadelphia Eagles. That and the AFC is the far superior conference in the NFL, despite the Super Bowl champs coming from the NFC. That’s it. You can’t name me other reasons why you shouldn’t invest in this team. There are some on this site that think their value on SimBull NFL stinks, to that I say you stink.

My Opinion

The going rate for SimTitans on SimBull NFL is $44, which is 15th on the site. It’s not a matter of if you should invest, the question is how much should you invest? This team has a good chance to repeat as AFC South champions again and if the defense gets going, can make a serious run at a Super Bowl. Why wouldn’t you invest in a team like this?

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