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The Julio Jones Trade Makes The Titans One Of The Worst Stocks On SimBull

Trade Julio Jones
The Julio Jones trade makes the Titans one of the worst stocks to buy on the SimBull market. Spend your money elsewhere. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

The Julio Jones Trade Makes The Titans One Of The Worst Stocks On SimBull

Most fans are stupid. After the announcement of the Julio Jones trade, I’m sure a lot of people rushed to go buy Titans stock on SimBull. Hey, SimBull is happy. They get to profit because fans don’t know any better. If you missed the rush on the Titans stock, don’t be sad. The SimTitans have immediately become one of the worst stocks on the SimBull market.

Most fans don’t actually watch the games. They just see a big name and get excited like a five year old does for a lollipop. Baseball fans usually do this worse than football fans.

The Yankees lost the Giancarlo Stanton trade. Trey tried to tell you.

Signing Bryce Harper was a hilarious mistake. The Nats won the World Series immediately after. Trey tried to tell you.

DJ LeMahieu is a better baseball player than Manny Machado. Trey tried to tell you.

Why didn’t more teams bid on Zack Wheeler? Trey tried to tell you.

The Red Sox won the Mookie Betts trade. We just have to wait a little longer for that one to become official but Alex Verdugo is already putting up better numbers.

Point being big names don’t mean anything. Did anybody watch Julio Jones last year? It wasn’t great. Half the time the guy wasn’t on the field and has been battling nagging injuries for a while. Has anybody seen AJ Green lately? That’s the trajectory Julio is on. Watch the games. Having a big name means nothing. This trade was a total L for the Titans long term.

What’s the gap between Julio Jones and Corey Davis right now? Five years ago it’s the size of the Grand Canyon. Right now? I’d probably rather have Julio but I can be talked into saying Davis is the better player right now. Another bad year health wise for Julio while Davis moves into his prime? It’s not crazy.

The Titans ranked 3rd in total offense and 4th in points per game in 2020. Offense wasn’t the problem last year. I’d bet almost any amount of money both of those numbers come down in 2021. The Titans’ offense got worse. Forget about swapping Davis for Jones. Tennessee also lost Jonnu Smith. That’s a productive tight end that hasn’t been replaced. You’re counting on Anthony Firkser now. Good luck.

The most important factor is the departure of Arthur Smith. He ran a top five offense with Ryan Tannehill pulling the trigger. I just have a weird feeling the guy dialing up the plays had to be pretty smart. The real downfall of the Atlanta Falcons was losing Kyle Shanahan as their play caller. We have no idea what we’re getting with Todd Downing. The odds that he’s as clever as Smith are slim.

In the short term, the Colts are still the favorites to win the AFC South. In the long term, the Titans added a really bad contract with the Jaguars building towards an eventual powerhouse. The only thing this Julio trade accomplished was further solidifying the fact that the Titans will finish ahead of the Texans in the standings.

On the SimBull market, the SimTitans are the 9th highest priced team on the market worth an outrageous $48.99 per share. The Titans have become the worst team to invest in on the market. Tennessee isn’t bad enough to where they can draft a future elite level franchise quarterback to replace Tannehill in order to actually win a Super Bowl. They’re also not good enough to really ever cash in on a ton of win payouts.

What’s the difference between the Marvin Lewis Bengals and this current iteration of the Titans? I got one for you. This Titans defense can’t rush the passer and there are major question marks in the secondary. Fan is short for fanatic for a reason. You have to be a lunatic to buy this Titans stock with the way it’s priced on SimBull. Spend your money elsewhere.

Side Note: My SimBull strategy seems to be working out thus far. I own one stock. The Boston Red Sox. Has anyone noticed what’s happened to them? I told you to buy them. Good things happen when you listen to Trey.

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