Nathan Peterman
Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Does Nathan Peterman Have A Future In The NFL?

Nathan Peterman plays for the Raiders so naturally (unless you royally fuck up for my team) I have to root for you. Nathan Peterman hasn’t started a game since 2018, and in 2017 is when he made his…debut. That would include his 5 INT first half in only his 2nd game ever. From then, that performance drapes over him like the darkest cloud ever in the world. To this day, he’s considered a meme around the league because of that performance. However, he’s been with the team since 2019, and this will be his 3rd year with the Raiders. Does he have a chance at a future in the NFL?

In his latest preseason game, he wasn’t bad in the slightest. He went 29/39 with 246 passing yards, but with an interception. Not terrible for a guy that’s a walking meme. Is there hope for the troubled QB? Jon Gruden is known as a QB guru and sometimes is able to bring out the best in a QB. Are we in the process of seeing that in Nathan Peterman?

Sike, no. As I mentioned on Ballz Deep Fantasy Show, I don’t buy into preseason and training camp hype. It’s barely a fraction of the real thing. Most of the time, you’re going up against people just trying to make the team or hell the practice squad. You should do well against most of those guys. Therefore, don’t buy into any Nathan Peterman hype. Until he does it in the regular season against actual starters, he still will be the meme he is known as today. 

His chances of actually having a credible future in the NFL are slim to none. Don’t be fooled. If you actually thought I was THAT biased to defend this guy even though he plays for the Raiders then I’m glad I baited you into wasting your time with this post. Consider yourself jebaited. Although, I do feel bad for the guy. I’m rooting for him, maybe just have one stellar game to silence the haters for one night. I wish that for him. Do I think it’s going to happen? Uh…no.

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