Andrew Luck
Michael Conroy/Associated Press

Return of the King?

Football just hasn’t been the same since Andrew Luck retired. The Colts failed Luck, and seemed to be getting what they deserved when he left the organization out to dry. But now there are rumors picking up steam that Luck may return to the league. The latest rumors involve a series of texts sent between people close to Luck’s wife.

Obviously, we have to take these rumors and text messages with a grain of salt. Many people close to the Colts organization know Luck on a personal level and what kind of person he is. Luck keeps his personal affairs pretty private.

Perhaps Luck is at peace with his decision to walk away with his millions and health to be with his family. I fully understand that. Luck doesn’t owe me or anyone else anything, especially the Colts. They absolutely ruined football for the man. Luck had no offensive line and little to no run support. He was out there doing it on his own. Pick after pick by that front office failed to produce anything major for Luck to work with.

While the Colts don’t deserve a second chance, they better hope that those texts are real. Even if they aren’t real, the Colts better be on their knees praying that Luck is indeed thinking about a comeback. The Colts did not deserve to become a decent team after what happened to Luck. But now they actually have an offensive line, a good defense, and a reliable running game. Pick up a receiver or two, and Luck’s return means instant Super Bowl contention.

The Man with the Big Iron on His Hip

If Andrew Luck did return, he would instantly be a top 10 quarterback in the league. There’s no question about that. The difference in play when Luck was and was not out there is night and day. The Colts went from three straight 11-5 seasons and two division titles when Luck was healthy, to two 8-8 seasons, a 4-12 season, and missing the playoffs those three years. When Luck finally returned, the Colts were good enough to make the playoffs and win their Wild Card matchup.

Personally, I lean towards the side of thinking the texts aren’t real. There are too many people close to the organization denying it. With the retirement of Philip Rivers, the Colts need a new quarterback. Carson Wentz has been floated around as a quarterback that could land there via trade. But if I’m the Colts, I pray Luck returns.