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Jim Irsay: “Door’s Closed” On An Andrew Luck Return

When Jim Irsay says it’s over, it’s over. Andrew Luck will not be making a return to the NFL. The Indianapolis Colts are currently in the postseason and are doing well with a fantastic offensive line, great defense, solid weapons, and an aging quarterback who’s set to retire in the near future in Philip Rivers. The Colts were thrust into this quarterback scenario by Andrew Luck and his surprise retirement. While fans and other people have speculated about a potential return to the NFL, Colts owner Jim Irsay doesn’t think that will happen.

It’s intriguing to think about. Could Andrew Luck take a few years off to get healthy, then make a return like Rob Gronkowski did? Jim Irsay doesn’t think that’s the case.

You know, I don’t think so. I really don’t. I think that door’s closed.

Jim Irsay to NFL Media regarding Andrew Luck coming out of retirement.

The Colts are still in control of Andrew Luck’s NFL rights for two more years under the terms of his current contract. As of now, there’s no telling who’ll be lining up under center for the Colts in the 2021 season.

Philip Rivers is 39-years-old, and only under contract for this season. Rivers will also need offseason foot surgery, although he’s toughening it out to continue to play. Jacoby Brissett will be in need of a new contract this coming March as well.

Irsay isn’t the only one who believes Luck’s NFL days are over for good. Current Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton agrees that Luck won’t be making a return at all, let alone anytime soon.

Coming back? I don’t know. He’s pretty happy in retirement life. He’s just enjoying it and enjoying it with his daughter, Lucy. I don’t think we will [see him]. He’s just enjoying himself. I’m happy for him.

T.Y. Hilton on NFL Network during the week

Andrew Luck is gone from the NFL, for good. If Jim Irsay says it’s over, then it’s really over.


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