Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck has retired from the NFL

Breaking news! In one of the bigger WTF moments in recent memory, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has retired from the NFL during the middle of the preseason. I can’t even believe this just happened.

Adam Schefter of ESPN first reported the news:

Well, it looks like Jacoby Brissett is the Colts new starting quarterback. The Colts obviously like Brissett but this is a crushing blow. Brissett, 27, is 5-12 as a starting quarterback in the NFL. He has a career TD-INT ratio of 13-7. While the Colts believe in Brissett, this takes them out of the Super Bowl hunt. Now, it’s going to be difficult to see Indy making the playoffs. Unreal.

Luck apparently has dealt with so many injuries that he’s just done. Two years ago, Luck missed the entire season with a shoulder injury. Now this offseason, he’s been dealing with an ankle injury. He hasn’t practiced at all. It’s really a shame. I would love to know what the alternate universe looks like if he never gets drafted by the Colts. For years, Luck was beat up by horrendous offensive lines. It most likely cut his career well short of what should have been.

The AFC South has been turned on its head. Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans have to be the favorites in the division now. After winning 11 games a year ago, now they don’t have to deal with Andrew Luck now either.

One a personal note, I’m very angry. Andrew Luck is one of my quarterbacks in fantasy. I have him under contract for two more years for 33 bucks. Now I have to eat dead cap in my fantasy league for no reason. What should have been a bargain price, turns into a disaster.