Vince Young Returns to the University of Texas
Vince Young – Credit: Stephen Spillman-USA TODAY NETWORK

Vince Young returns to the University of Texas

Vince Young, the guy who led one of the greatest comebacks in college football history, who also threw his shoulder pads into the stands while performing badly in the NFL. Hopefully, his 2nd or 3rd time will be a charm for success in Austin. Vince young Returns to the University of Texas.

Vince Young is back at UT as a special assistant in the athletic department. Hopefully, he will be advising the kids on what not to waste their money on. Vince Young will likely be getting this opportunity because the new head coach of the football team, Steve Sarkisian, still wants answers to why the USC team he was a part of lost to Vince Young and the longhorns in the Championship.

It is possible that Vince Young may have been destined for failure in the NFL, or he just got caught by the Madden curse. His rookie season in the league was pretty eventful, he won rookie of the year. After his rookie year, he didn’t seem to improve much. While Jeff Fisher wasn’t the best offensive coach, Vince Young also apparently struggled to learn the playbooks.

Someone from Austin might be thinking, “Vince Young’s return to UT should be good for both parties.” Vince Young has continued to have success in Austin. His real estate company has done well and helped him climb back from bankruptcy to a net worth of a couple of million dollars. He also previously worked at UT and ended up being dismissed after a very poor performance, not showing up, and not speaking to his bosses. Vince Young made an average salary of 8 million per season while in the NFL, and while that money vanished you have to understand his uncle/agent/financial advisor blew through a good part of that money as well.

Another venture that holds the Vince Young name is the steakhouse. Vince Young Steakhouse has had a fair amount of success. Although Vince Young has no ownership, he did make money from them using his name and continues to get a small cut of the revenue as he is good friends with the owners.

While Vince Young has been a part of a lot of failures, he did succeed in winning the 2006 BCS championship. The failures are a lot higher, I mean he did not make the best decisions like flying back forth between Atlanta and Nashville spending around $500,000 a month on those flights. He had a couple of attempts after the Titans in the NFL, but they didn’t work out either. Look at the link below for another shot at something that didn’t turn into anything and maybe that wasn’t his fault as spring leagues tend to not work anyway.

Hopefully for the University of Texas sake, Vince Young won’t Screw this one up. I think he would be good at giving advice on what not to do. The university did not give details on how much Young will make. The internet suggests he has a net worth of a couple million. If you are in the market to buy a house you should reach out to him though at Vince Young Realty.

Vince Young Returns to the University of Texas, to likely help with fundraising and community outreach, as a figure like him exists in the true longhorns fans’ hearts forever.