Aaron Rodgers New Girlfriend

Aaron Rodgers Has a New Girlfriend – Shailene Woodley

Aaron Rodgers has a new girlfriend according to E News. Shailene Woodley and Rodgers have been in a long distance relationship throughout this football season.

Aaron Rodgers love life has always been a spectacle for NFL fans and fans of the Green Bay Packers, because fans often infer that who he is dating at the time directly impacts his on-field performance.

According to E! News, the Big Little Lies actress is in a long-distance quarantine relationship with Green Bay Packers quarterback and Jeopardy! guest host Aaron Rodgers, and a source says that “they have kept things private and low-key.” The source says that they “continue to talk and see each other when they can. They are both focused on their careers, but they also make time for each other.”

E! News

After Danica Patrick and Rodgers broke up the rumors had already started swirling about his new fling with Woodley.

This comes to us via our tip box. “It seemed like Aaron had found his perfect partner in Danica Patrick. Danica had no idea when she introduced actress Shailene Woodley to Aaron that Shailene would make a play for him. Shailene and Aaron were quite cozy this past weekend in Tahoe. Looks like Aaron traded to a much younger girlfriend. Danica is devastated by Aarons betrayal. Get your popcorn out, this one is going to get messy!” -Terez Owens

Terez Owen on July 15th 2020

I guess I am just as in touch with which celebrity is dating who now-a-days as I thought I was. The All-Pro quarterback seems to move on from relationships very quickly and this was hinted at by Trey when he wrote the breakup post about Patrick and Rodgers in July.

Woodley is most known for her role in Big Little Lies and is currently working on a new project in Montreal.

TL//DR: Aaron Rodgers has a new girlfriend, wonder how long this relationship lasts