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Colin Cowherd Has Hired A Collection Of Talentless Hacks At The Volume

Colin Cowherd


Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd has made a ton of hires at The Volume. The problem is most of his staff is filled with talentless hacks. (JOE SCARNICI/GETTY)

Colin Cowherd Has Hired A Collection Of Talentless Hacks At The Volume

Can we just be honest about the business adventure that Colin Cowherd is building? Credit to him for trying to be his own boss. If more mainstream sports analysts were smart, they would bet on themselves instead of taking any random job. I’m sure he will end up making some money on this venture. With that said, can we just be honest about the product that he’s building with the Volume… he’s hired an entire collection of talentless hacks.

This doesn’t apply to every single person that he’s hired. Draymond Green was a great hire. Some of the former players get clicks simply for being well-known. Richard Sherman and Darius Slay are going to drive clicks because of their playing career. We know this.

Excluding those guys, Cowherd’s staff is mostly made up of schmucks. We already know that Logan Camden is a scumbag. I don’t need to spend much time there. That Nerd Sesh show is the biggest false advertising cheese of all time. The Co-Host Carson isn’t bad but noodle arms brings the entire product down.

Cowherd also knows absolutely nothing about fantasy football. He doesn’t even try to market the Fantasy Pros guys. The Fantasy Pros guys aren’t really entertaining. Their site and website are top notch. Their videos stink. They don’t fit the company at all.

Has anybody seen the Moneyline Monaco show? That guy couldn’t be a bigger clown. Anybody that thought the Chicago Bears were going to be a good team has a low IQ. I couldn’t have been more clear about that. Justin Fields was on the cheese list and I’ve done nothing but rip Ryan Poles for making the dumbest decisions of all time. Have you seen the Bears defensive line? There is no scenario where the Bears were going to be a good football team.

Just watch this and enjoy the laugh. He’s not just dumb. His entire vibe is wacko. Totally unwatchable.

I have no idea what this Jenkins and Jonez show brings to the table. I refuse to believe anybody watches that and enjoy their experience. It can’t be anything more than trickle down from Cowherd where people are curious and automatically leave.

It also looks like Bomani Jones is next to come to the Volume and we know he has rocks for brains. His intro video is his take on Deion Sanders. Except for the part where no one should care about his take on Deion considering what he said about him when he left Jackson State. Just watch here because what Bomani says about Deion leaving Jackson State can only be described as pathetic.

Say whatever you want about Deion… but trying to pretend that he did Jackson State dirty because he left for a Power 5 job is as dumb as it gets.

Keep in mind, HBO fired Bomani because literally nobody watched his show. I mean nobody. He’s as untalented as it gets.

How about all the flop hires that Cowherd swept under the rug and never mentioned? They were like a fart in the wind. Promoted and then gone and there was never an announcement made about what happened.

Cowherd had this CFB show called JBoy. He’s gone and we have no idea why. Instead, he was replaced by Aaron Murray and T-Bob. Based on how the most recent interview went, I can’t imagine that show is good. It’s definitely not as good as the show he lost.

I mean we’re talking about some dumpster fire hires. Whatever happened to Soup with Coop? WTF was he thinking with that hire? Did he just fire him and never announce anything because that show disappeared without any notice? I gotta know why watching/listening to someone slurp on soup was deemed a good idea.

He used to employ Aqib Talib too. I say used to because the show just vanished and Cowherd never addressed why.

That’s the person he is. Gets it wrong and hides like it never happened. There are more shows that flopped there but you get the point.

The Hoops Tonight guy Jason Timpf, Liv Moods, and John Middlekauf are the only talented people they have in the building. Those three should give me a call and come over here. Outside of that, it’s a lot of duds. If you look at the Volume YT channel, it’s fairly obvious who the people view as talented. Timpf and Middlekauf are the only two that do damage outside of Cowherd. If you go to the site, you can clearly see who Cowherd prioritizes. Scumbag Logan is all the way in the back of the back.

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