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Catchin’ Fades With Aqib Talib Is Just Not A Good Podcast

Let’s just put it this way, not every famous person should do a podcast after their career is over. There are some people that just have a great voice for podcasting. Pat McAfee, for example, has a great voice and is always interesting. I listened to the latest episode of Catchin’ Fades With Aqib Talib which had Jalen Ramsey on the show. I was just not impressed. What really separates this podcast from every other unoriginal podcast that I can find? I’m not even saying I am a great podcast host. I will say the latest episode of the Fantasy football show, Ballz Deep, was better than this. Hell, even when ChicksTape was still on, it just seemed more interesting than this. (That might be making a comeback, stay tuned.)

I feel like the only reason this podcast gets views is that because Aqib Talib is a former NFL player, a great one at that. But, he for sure is not a great podcast host. I was falling asleep while listening. There just seems to be a lack of energy and a lack of interesting topics. Just listening to his latest episode, it just seems Talib just moderates Jalen Ramsey instead of actually engaging in an interesting conversation with him.

There’s no reason to actually listen to my opinion but think about it. Is this podcast actually interesting, or does it just have Aqib Talib as a host? Meaning, is it just a famous person talking, or is the podcast actually good? No disrespect to Talib as a player, he used to drive me nuts as a Raiders fan going against the Broncos. But, Catchin’ Fades with Aqib Talib is just not good. I won’t go as far as to say it sucks, but there should be no hype around this podcast at all. Don’t be sheep and just think any famous person with a podcast is good. Find a better podcast, PLEASE.

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