Soup With Coop
Soup With Coop. I just have so many questions. Why does this show exist and who in the world listens or watches this nonsense. (Soup With Coop)

Soup With Coop: I Just Have So Many Questions

Help me understand? I know everybody and their mother has a podcast. That’s not my question. I just really want to know why. Colin Cowherd has a podcast network called Volume Sports. One of the shows on his network is called Soup With Coop. I just have so many questions.

A: Why?

Who came up with this idea? Why did anyone think this was a good idea? Why would anyone want to watch a middle aged white man eat soup while they interview someone?

What’s next? Let’s podcast someone gets ear waxed removed from their ears. Actually… that would be more entertaining than this. Carry one.

B: Disgusting

Podcasting and soup. Nope. Ain’t it, chief. Think about the slurping noise that comes from soup? Who wants to listen to an audio version of that? Repulsive. No thanks.

C: Does Anyone Care?

Does Cooper Manning have anything interesting to say? Look, I’m sure he gets more views than I do. His name is attached to Cowherd and the Fox and former ESPN umbrella. His name is also attached to Peyton and Eli Manning. By virtue of birth, he has more clout than a lot of people do.

I watched a clip of his show. It was the least interesting thing I’ve ever listened to.

I mean… this is awful. I’m a cheese guy but that hunk of cheese hanging on the side of the bowl makes me contemplating throwing up. His voice has no buzz to it. Let’s just be honest; nobody would watch or listen to this if his two brothers didn’t play in the NFL.

The sad reality of the sports media business is simple. Your degree means nothing. You just have to be born into the right family, chow on disgusting soup, and have nothing interesting to say. Why does this show exist and does anybody actually care? Does anybody listen to this show without being forced to do so? I feel like I could go on all day. I just have too many questions.

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