The JBoy Show Announces Deal With Volume Sports Network

The college football and SEC-based podcast, The JBoy Show, is joining The Volume Sports Network. It was announced this morning The Volume had obtained exclusive production rights to the show. Colin Cowherd, the host of The Herd on Fox Sports and founder of The Volume Sports, broke the news on Twitter.

via Colin Cowherd’s Twitter

Jake Crane is the host of The JBoy Show, which was started a little over a year ago and has grown exponentially in that time. The show has amassed two million downloads and has featured some great guests like Hugh Freeze, Mike Leach, and Trey Wingo. Crane was born and raised in Alabama and played collegiate baseball at Southern Alabama. After college, Crain became a football coach at the college level, primarily coaching linebackers and special teams.

Cowherd was excited about the addition and said Crane was the perfect guy for college football coverage.

“When we launched The Volume we knew we wanted to make college football one of the core areas of focus,” Cowherd said. “Jake grew up in Auburn and has been living and breathing SEC football his entire life. We’re excited to bring Jake’s passion and expertise to The Volume just in time for Saturdays this fall.”

via Yahoo Sports

This is a very smart move by Cowherd. A couple of weeks ago, Liv Moods joined The Volume as a gambling personality, and now the JBoy Show will serve as the primary college football show within the network. Cowherd is making up for some prior whiffs on The Volume, which include Soup with Coup and Catchin’ Fades. Again, just because someone is famous does not mean they need a podcast.

Crane still maintains ownership of the podcast, but he will now broadcast his show on The Volume’s YouTube page Monday through Friday. From 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. EST, The JBoy Show will go live on YouTube. Crane’s audience is on the younger side, which bodes well for The Volume. They should get some new fans, and Crane will have a bigger platform. Overall, it’s a really smart move for Cowherd and The Volume, and I look forward to watching Crane grow his show.


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