Tom Brady
Can Tom Brady actually win the 2020 NFC South crown? The best old washed up quarterback is going to win a terrible division.

The NFC South in 2020 has turned into the ultimate Family Guy showdown. Herbert the pervert vs. the old Nazi Lieutenant. I’m not sure there’s ever been a more epic showdown in the history of Family Guy. It also basically portrays the 2020 battle for the NFC South.

Let’s start with the more depressing side of the coin. The Falcons have perfected the art of blowing games. 28-3 in the Super Bowl looks like nothing compared to what’s happened this year. It feels like only a matter of time before Dan Quinn finds himself jobless. Rightfully so, his defense is swiss cheese.

Carolina is also a joke. This offseason, the Panthers signed Teddy Bridgewater to a three-year contract. I hate to break it to the Panthers, but they already need a new quarterback. Bridgewater has looked nothing more than a game manager and can’t keep up in shootouts.

The Panthers’ defense ranked 31st in the NFL in 2019. That was with Luke Kuechly. Things haven’t gotten better on that side of the ball. Matt Rhule needs time to rebuild his program.

That leaves old man Tom Brady, and old man Drew Brees to battle it out for the division crown. Neither quarterback has looked good this year. Brady has failed to eclipse 300 passing yards in a game and has thrown several bad interceptions. Brees simply can’t throw the ball more than five yards down the field.

Both teams are pretty identical. There’s underrated talent on each defense. Both teams have quality weapons that can prop up any quarterback. Tampa currently leads the division, but their lone loss is to New Orleans. Sean Payton and Bruce Arians are known as offensive masterminds.

2020 is a weird year. Somehow we found ourselves in a portal where many old grandfathers are battling for a division crown. Based on current performance, Brees looks entirely shot while Brady is settling in as a game manager who can take maybe 2-3 shots down the field every Sunday. His head coach already called him out this year.

The problem is it’s Week 4. Neither quarterback has had to play in harsh weather conditions yet. Brees plays in a dome, and it’s still hot in Tampa. Brady’s arm looked shot a year ago down the stretch. I can’t imagine how that wouldn’t repeat itself as he continues to age.

Brady has lasted this long in the NFL because he is a fanatic that takes care of his body. Nobody is supposed to be able to perform even at an average level at the age of 43. There’s no denying that he looks better than Brees. At least so far in the 2020 season.

Tampa is the favorite in the NFC South, but one thing can turn the tide. Does Sean Payton have the courage to bench Brees and turn to Jameis Winston? Can you imagine how fun the Jameis revenge tour would be? For now, we have Herbert the pervert vs. Nazi Lieutenant for the NFC South crown.