Bruce Arians Tom Brady
Trouble in paradise? Bruce Arians is already taking shots at Tom Brady one week into the season. Too soon to panic? (Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

It was a rough Week 1 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa got smacked in the mouth by the Saints. Hey, it’s just one week, so no need to panic, right? NOT. Head coach Bruce Arians is already taking shots at Tom Brady. Not the best way to start for the pair.

After Brady’s Week 1 performance, Arians had a lot to say. None of it was positive:

Maybe Arians just needed a day to cool off? NOPE.

“He’s had it before. He knows how to bounce back,” Arians said. “He knew he didn’t play very well. It’s not what he expects from himself, nor do we expect. I would anticipate him to have a little more grit, a little more determination this week.”

Did Arians say what I think he did? Did he say the quarterback who will go down as the greatest ever to do it needs to bring more grit and determination to the table? This is BAD!

Look, sure it’s just a press conference, but I think this matters. What it tells me is that Brady and Arians are not on the same page. In reality, it is a clash in styles. Arians has his risk it or biscuit offense. Brady has never been a guy that takes shot after shot down the field. Not who he is.

I cannot wait to see Brady in Week 2. It’s an awful Carolina defense that ranked 31st in points allowed per game. Oh, and Luke Kuechly retired this offseason, so they didn’t get better. The Raiders just scored 34 on Carolina in Week 1. If Brady and the Bucs don’t light up the Panthers, it’s impossible not to be worried.