Jameis Winston
Jameis Winston can save the Saints season. Continuing to trot out washed up Drew Brees can’t be an option for much longer if the Saints want to win. (Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports)

It’s hard not to be worried about the New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees looks totally shot, and the offense has been reduced to dink and dunk. When I say dink and dunk, I mean all of the time. Suppose Alvin Kamara doesn’t take a short dump off to the house, nobody scores. Only one man can save the Saints season, and that’s Jameis Winston.

Trust your eyes. Drew Brees can’t play anymore. Brees, 41, is recording 4.8 air yards per attempt. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discover the truth. His ball has no juice on it. Sure, Brees is completing 70% of his throws, but how hard is that to do if nothing is thrown down the field?

New Orleans is 1-2 on the season. Those two losses came at the hands of the Raiders and Packers. Sure, the rest of the NFC South is awful. Maybe the Saints still sneak their way into the dance. Still, the fact of the matter is they’re not serious contenders with Brees at the helm.

Say whatever you want about Jameis Winston, all I know is he’s capable of throwing the ball more than five yards. Winston is the only quarterback in the league that threw for over 5,000 yards last year. The 30 interceptions are inexcusable, but some of that is on the Bruce Arians scheme.

There shouldn’t even be a discussion at this point. Would you rather have a turnover machine or someone not capable of playing the position? What we do know is that Sean Payton is a brilliant offensive mind. Jameis has problems, but lack of talent isn’t one of them. Jameis can make every throw on the field.

How many more weeks do you need to see Brees play like this? He doesn’t just look unplayable. Brees looks shot in a dome with no weather conditions. What happens when they play playoff football in the cold? Are you going to trot out washed Brees? Can’t do it.

The answer is obvious. Brees can’t be your quarterback if you have real Super Bowl aspirations. Maybe you can mix Taysom Hill more into the offense and patch this thing together. All I know is at this point, Jameis Winston is a better quarterback than Drew Brees. That’s not debatable.