Dan Quinn
Why does Dan Quinn still have a job? It’s past time for the Falcons to fire Quinn who brings absolutely nothing to the table as a coach. (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

The Atlanta Falcons have become synonymous with finding ways to lose. Whether it’s 28-3 in the Super Bowl or this past Sunday in their 40-39 loss to the Cowboys, the Falcons are the ultimate choke artists. Only one man is to blame for this, Dan Quinn. Why does Quinn still have a job?

Quinn has been the Falcons head coach since 2015. The former Seahawks defensive coordinator has a head coaching record of 43-37. While Quinn’s record says he’s an average coach, the record doesn’t tell the full story.

Since 2017, the Falcons are 24-26. The problem is Atlanta keeps getting worse the further removed they are from Kyle Shanahan. His offensive genius is what made the Falcons a Super Bowl team. Now? The Falcons are a joke.

Quinn, at his core, is a defensive mind by trade. The problem is the Falcons defense always stinks. If Atlanta’s defense continues to perform like trash, what good is Quinn? Check out how the Falcons have ranked on defense since he’s been the coach.

  • 2015: 16th yards, 14th points
  • 2016: 25th yards, 27th points
  • 2017: 9th yards, 8th points
  • 2018: 28th yards, 25th points
  • 2019: 17th yards, 22nd points
  • 2020: (Short Sample Size) 31st yards, 32nd points

In two games this year, the Falcons have given up 476.5 yards and 39 points per game. For fantasy owners, the Falcons have become that team where you just automatically start everyone because the Atlanta defense is a hot knife through butter.

The Falcons losing isn’t a personnel issue. The Falcons have talent. Grady Jarrett, Deion Jones, Dante Fowler, Takk McKinley, and Keanu Neal are all on this roster. It is flat out unacceptable for Atlanta to perform this poorly.

Ask yourself this question; what the hell does Dan Quinn do well? Actually, what the hell does he do in general? Dan Quinn has to go. The Falcons can’t move forward as a franchise until they fire Quinn and fix this defense.