Matt Rhule
Don’t expect a quick turnaround for the Panthers under Matt Rhule. His track record suggests a bumpy first year in charge. (Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports)

Don’t Expect Quick Panthers Turn Around With Matt Rhule

I loved the hire of Matt Rhule to Carolina. I just think it’s important to remember there’s a caveat or at least has been in the past. Rhule is a program builder. If you’re expecting the Panthers to turn things around quickly, that’s probably unrealistic.

Rhule has a track record. He builds up teams but he starts from the ground floor. Sometimes that means going backwards before going forwards. The truth is in the pudding.

  • 2013 Temple: 2-10
  • 2017 Baylor: 1-11

Those were Rhule’s first years at those programs. Now, eventually, he did turn them into winners. Temple had back to back 10 win seasons his final two years there. Baylor just played in the Sugar Bowl and had no business doing so. That team had zero talent and were overcoming NCAA sanctions.

I’m not sure Carolina should be viewed differently. Once again, Rhule is taking over a last place team of sorts. The Panthers may have some talent but they do need a ton of work. Teddy Bridgewater can stabilize the offense but he’s not winning shoot outs. That’s the problem.

This Panthers defense is BAD. The Panthers gave up 29.4 points per game a year ago. That was with Luke Kuechly. Now he’s retired. They lack talent on that side of the ball in general. What did Carolina do about it? Every single pick went to the defensive side of the ball. That’s great but it’s going to take more than one draft to fix things.

The Panthers are in good hands with Matt Rhule. The problem is it just won’t happen right away and nor should it. Don’t expect a quick turn around in Carolina under the new regime.