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2021 NFL Draft Grades: NFC East

2021 NFL Draft

(Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

2021 NFL Draft
The Cowboys nailed the draft again. Check out the 2021 NFL Draft grades in the NFC East. Who won and lost the draft? (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

2021 NFL Draft Grades: NFC East

It’s time to review the most competitive division in football! The NFC East made up of the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, and no name franchise all had one last chance to prove worthy of division champs. Who nailed the 2021 NFL Draft? Who straight up failed? Let’s hand out those 2021 NFL Draft grades!

Dallas Cowboys

Grade: A
  • R1 (12): LB Micah Parsons, Penn State
  • R2 (44): CB Kelvin Joseph, Kentucky
  • R3 (75): DI Osa Odighizuwa, UCLA
  • R3 (84): EDGE Chauncey Golston, Iowa
  • R3 (99): CB Nahshon Wright, Oregon State
  • R4 (115): LB Jabril Cox, LSU
  • R4 (138): OT Josh Ball, Marshall
  • R5 (179): WR Simi Fehoko, Stanford
  • R6 (192): DI Quinton Bohanna, Kentucky
  • R6 (227): CB Israel Mukuamu, South Carolina
  • R7 (238): OG Matt Farniok, Nebraska

You can say whatever you want about Jerry Jones. The guy drafts his balls off every year. I mean every year. The Cowboys nailed it again once again strengthening what is the best roster in the division by a mile.

To get Micah Parsons at 12 while trading back to an extra third round pick is highway robbery. They essentially got Chauncey Golston for free because the Eagles traded up. Parsons is a top five player in this draft but dropped because he opted out. Head and shoulders the best linebacker in the draft. It’s not fair to be that big and run in the 4.3’s. The Cowboys have the best linebacker unit in the NFL.

Kelvin Joseph in the second round is an all around solid pick. We have a profile on him if you want to check it out. He balled his ass off when transferring to Kentucky via LSU.

How about Jabril Cox in the 4th round? What an absolute STEAL. He’s the best coverage linebacker in the draft. I can’t believe Dallas plucked him and he can’t even start. Going to be awesome in sub packages though…

Osa Odighizuwa was so important. They needed a defensive tackle desperately. Hopefully, he doesn’t turn into a bust like his brother cause there’s talent here.

Watch out for Israel Mukuamu. I love that guy. He’s enormous with great ball skills.

Jerry did it again. The roster is loaded. Now we wait to find out if Mike McCarthy screws it up.

Philadelphia Eagles

Grade: B-
  • R1 (10): WR DeVonta Smith, Alabama
  • R2 (37): IOL Landon Dickerson, Alabama
  • R3 (73): DI Milton Williams, Louisiana Tech
  • R4 (123): CB Zech McPhearson, Texas Tech
  • R5 (150): RB Kenneth Gainwell, Memphis
  • R6 (189): DI Marlon Tuipulotu, USC
  • R6 (191): EDGE Tarron Jackson, Coastal Carolina
  • R6 (224) S JaCoby Stevens, LSU
  • R7 (234): LB Patrick Johnson, Tulane

It was far from a perfect draft for Howie Roseman, but he’s moving in the right direction. It appears that the guy actually has a brain on him for once.

The Eagles actually drafted a receiver that can play with DeVonta Smith. Giving away a third round pick to go get him stings. But in totality, they got an extra first for moving from 6 to 12. To get Smith and pick up an extra first is a win.

I didn’t quite get the Landon Dickerson thing. He’s a solid center. They must really think Jason Kelce is retiring soon because I’m not sure if Dickerson is really plugging in there as a day one starter at guard.

The third and fourth round picks didn’t make any sense to me. Milton Williams and Zech McPhearson look like total fliers. You gotta hit on those and they’re very much projects.

The rest of the draft, I thought Howie really got some great value. Kenneth Gainwell is a stud. No idea how you get him in the 5th round. JaCoby Stevens is a baller. That entire LSU secondary. You trust them. Patrick Johnson finally gives them a linebacker. Thought he was better than a 7th rounder.

In totality, a solid draft for the Eagles. Far from perfect but a hell of an improvement from the past two years.

New York Giants

Grade: A
  • R1 (20): WR Kadarius Toney, Florida
  • R2 (50): EDGE Azeez Ojulari, Georgia
  • R3 (71): CB Aaron Robinson, UCF
  • R4 (116): EDGE Elerson Smith, Northern Iowa
  • R6 (196): RB Gary Brightwell, Arizona
  • R6 (201): CB Rodarius Williams, Oklahoma State

Somebody order Dave Gettleman some hookers. What got into that guy? The computer folks must have really been in his ear, huh.

For the first time in his life, Gettleman actually traded down. Then he did it again in the second round. The Giants have some extra picks now next year including a sexy 2022 first rounder from Chicago. Gettleman is aging like a fine wine. Look at him go.

I can’t give him an A+ because it wasn’t a perfect draft. I can’t justify taking Kadarius Toney in the first round. Do you trust Jason Garrett to be clever enough to use a Percy Harvin type player in his offense. Toney can run and shed tackles creating YAC yards. However, he’s far from a complete receiver and probably doesn’t belong in round one.

However, it’s hard to knock the 2nd and 3rd round picks. Azeez Ojulari at pick 50 is awesome. I think he’s the best pure rusher in the draft. His first step is awesome. Aaron Robinson was the best slot corner in the draft. Alabama transfer and he’s awesome in that niche.

Elerson Smith is a project from a small school. Gary Brightwell can’t play. Ton of better running back options on the board. Rodarius Williams is a decent get in the 6th round.

Gettleman really did it, huh. I can’t believe it.

Washington No Namers

Grade: F
  • R1 (19): LB Jamin Davis, Kentucky
  • R2 (51): OT Samuel Cosmi, Texas
  • R3 (74): CB Benjamin St-Juste, Minnesota
  • R3 (82): WR Dyami Brown, North Carolina
  • R4 (124): TE John Bates, Boise State
  • R4 (163): S Darrick Forrest, Cincinnati
  • R6 (225): LS Camaron Cheeseman, Michigan
  • R7 (240): EDGE William Bradley-King, Baylor
  • R7 (246): EDGE Shaka Toney, Penn State
  • R7 (258): WR Dax Milne, BYU

I hate this draft. Hate it with every fiber in my body. I went from having Washington as favorites in the NFC East to a third place team. It wasn’t too long ago Jamin Davis was thought of as a fourth round pick. He’s athletic and jacked but c’mon now. This is not a first round pick. Go prove me wrong.

Samuel Cosmi stinks. That guy gets rag dolled all the time. What are we doing here? Benjamin St-Juste. He’s tall… I’m not sure he’s good?

Dyami Brown is really the only pick I liked. Still doesn’t come close to solving the problems at this position. He’s a deep threat. Yipee.

Here’s how you sum up the Washington draft. They couldn’t even find a way to draft the best longsnapper in the draft. The Cheeseman! Good for you Washington. Fix your team name and try again next year.

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