SimBull Panthers
The Carolina Panthers are the best buy on SimBull. Matt Rhule is building something real and now is the time to pounce on the investment. (Chris Carlson/AP Photos)

The Panthers Are The Best NFL Buy On SimBull

Recently, Adam Krieger wrote a piece about the best NFL buys on SimBull after the initial wave of free agency. Kriegs mentioned three teams but neither of which are the correct answer. If I would recommend buying one NFL team on SimBull, it would be the Carolina Panthers.

Matt Rhule is the real deal, man. That’s the only place to start. If you’re an NFL Draft psycho like I am, you too were blown away by his coaching prowess during the Senior Bowl. That guy is special. He knows both sides of the ball and is a great teacher.

As I mentioned on That’s Some Cheese during the interview with SimBull CEO Kenneth Giles, you’re not just investing in teams. In reality, you’re investing in people and more specifically team builders. Rhule fits that motto.

Rhule historically has a pattern. Tear the program down to the studs and start over. In year one of his coaching career at Temple, Baylor, and now Carolina, it’s been a rough year one. However, by year two and three, his collegiate programs turned corners quickly. Now is the time to buy the stock of Matt Rhule.

There’s also something to be said about the NFC South. Historically, it’s always a competitive division, but things change. The NFC West was a joke 10 years ago. NOW, it’s a powerhouse where every team legit might make the playoffs. The NFC South is quietly awful or I should say could be soon.

Yes, I’m aware Tampa just won the Super Bowl but how big is this window? The Super Bowl hangover is real and it feels unlikely that Kansas City will be the team that dips. If anything, it’s Tampa that feels closer to the 2019 49ers.

New Orleans is losing some guy by the name of Drew Brees? No big deal, just some first-ballot Hall of Famer. The Saints are also in salary cap hell and will suffer a number of departures from the roster before this puppy is all said and done.

Atlanta? Don’t even get me started. That ship has already tanked into the bottom of the Atlantic. Matt Ryan doesn’t have it anymore and the roster stinks minus Calvin Ridley.

Maybe you’re buying the Panthers stock a year too soon. It’s also not out of the realm of possibility this team makes the playoffs or even wins the division?

We’ve also seen some market trends in SimBull. The Cowboys stock price went up because of Dak Prescott’s contract extension? Doesn’t make any sense to me but it’s been a reality. The Bucs stock price went up because Tom Brady restructure his contract? Again, makes no sense to me but whatever.

We know the Carolina Panthers are going to find their quarterback in one form or fashion. It’s not going to be Teddy Bridgewater. It’s almost like Carolina can’t miss here. Can they?

What does a trade for Deshaun Watson do for their stock price? Let’s say they come out of the draft with Justin Fields? I’m in on that as well. Point being, the second they make a QB change, the price of the stock is going up.

Quietly, I also think Carolina is building a real defense. They aren’t making these splashy free agent signing killing their cap. It’s been cheap, smart investments like Denzel Perryman and Haason Reddick. The 2020 NFL Draft, Carolina used EVERY pick on the defensive side of the ball. It’s a young and emerging unit that’s not close to done getting better.

I just can’t envision a better buy on the SimBull market. Carolina is somehow cheaper than the Raiders? Huh? Buy the Panthers NOW. You will not regret it.