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Alex Chick, still, Can Suck It

Alex Chick, Still, Can Suck It

Alex Chick, still, Can Suck It
Alex Chick, Still, Can Suck It

It’s becoming more apparent that Alex Chick is delusional. Sure, Alex might talk shit until he dies, but this is a war of attrition and I have two advantages over him. One, I’m more spiteful than he could ever dream to be. Two, he lacks my mental fortitude. Alex Chick, still, can suck it.

The sad thing is that Chick doesn’t realize how unaware he is. With each new nonsensical post, he digs his grave deeper. His lack of understanding is, frankly, a little sad. I almost feel bad, but I will never quit.

Alex Chick, Still, Can Suck it
If Chick is going to talk until he dies, then he dies.

Chick Crush Wednesday

Chick continues to make a joke out of himself simply by not being able to comprehend that he is the joke in the first place.

After Chick called me dumb, I pointed out how dumb it is to call someone else dumb when you have the language arts skills of a fifth-grader. Unable to comprehend that he is still the loser, he found my one typo. Congrats Chick. You’re on the scoreboard. It’s fifty to one.

Chick tried to call me out for the discontinued Woman Crush Wednesday series. The sad thing is, Chick really thinks he hit it big with this one. Unfortunately, he still doesn’t know he’s the joke.

Two things Chick somehow failed to understand on his own.

One, those posts were all satire. I wrote like an idiot on purpose. You didn’t understand all of the self-deprecating humor? I said Stephanie Beatriz had sexy teeth. Not a sexy smile. Specifically, teeth. You thought that shit was serious?

Second, I was drunk when I wrote all those posts.

So congrats, again, Chick. In order to fall to your literary level, I have to get drunk and suck on purpose.

Communication Is King

Yesterday I learned that Math teachers don’t need reading, writing, or verbal comprehension skills because they work in the numbers department. Who knew?

They don’t need to create lesson plans, correspond with parents, or answer student’s questions.

Chick, apparently, shows up to class and writes a couple of equations on the board and calls it a day. I guess all of Chick’s kids get left behind?

BTW Chick, MLA format and grammar are two different things. Grammar is the structure of a language. MLA is a style of crediting sources to write a research paper. To make it easy for you Alex, you can post in MLA, Chicago, or APA style, we still won’t understand the shit you say.

Again, Chick continues to make a joke out of himself. He’s also the only one not in on the joke.

My Lifes Work

I’m not going to tell you what I do for a living. Chick was right. Credit where credit is due. My job doesn’t matter (for the record, though, it’s not a help desk)

My job might not be as important as being a teacher and I might not have a degree, but I do make more money than Chick. So, even if I die after an irrelevant, degreeless life, at least I have that going for me.

Secret time, again. I’m also a coach. I used to coach lacrosse and I’m a volunteer wrestling coach. This year I coached a kid to the NJSIAA State Tournament. I don’t know but I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts Chick’s football team didn’t win a playoff game.

So, even without a degree, I guess I’m more successful in profession and coaching.

As far as the relevance of my life, all that matters are my family and friends. I don’t need an important job, a degree, or recognition to be relevant. Although, it sounds like Chick does.

Back to our recurring theme, we go. Chick is so unaware of the facts that he turns himself into an even bigger joke.

The Biggest Factor

The funniest part of the joke? Alex thinks he’s helping me become a more productive writer. What Alex wasn’t able to comprehend on his own, I’m not a writer.

I have never asked to be a writer. I have never tried to be a writer. In fact, I have done everything possible to tell everyone on this site that I am not a writer. I’ve made it abundantly clear on any podcast I’ve been on, I only do my show or, more recently, stream.

When this site was created, Trey, the old second owner, and I discussed what I would do. I said it then, I’ll say it now, I’m just here to post my podcast. Occasionally, if trey asks me, I will do a news post if no one is available.

If you want proof? Ask Trey. Need more proof? What about my twitter bio (these can be controversial around here)?

Alex Chick, Still, Can Suck it

So you see, Alex can’t help me be a more productive writer because I’m not a writer. Any posts I chose to write are just gravy, baby. Expecting me to write a post is like like expecting Alex to teach English, it’s not his job.

One last thing, I know Chick is going to try and bring up my author page on the site. Yes, it does say I am a writer. I never took the time to ask Scarlett to change it because she already has her hands full. That changed is insignificant compared to the rest of the amazing work she has done. So I didn’t want to bother her with it.

Also, The Lead Word returned on Sunday. It’s currently in the editing process. You should keep an eye out for it.

Alex Chick, Still, Can Suck It

Let’s add up all the factors.

You wack, you twisted, You’re a ho. You broke, you can’t write for shit and everybody know. Your old man say you stupid, you be like, “So? I love shit talking drama. I’ll never let it go.”

Alex Chick, still, can suck it.

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