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Alex Chick, still, Can Suck It

Alex Chick Can Still Suck It

Alex Chick can still suck it
I’m in Chick’s head and I ain’t fuckin’ leaving. Photo Credit: Chad Bauman

Alex Chick can still suck it. He tried his best. Unfortunately for him, his follow-up post was nothing more than the ramblings of a sad little man.

Based on his tone and attempt at childish name-calling, two things are clear at this time. One, Chick lost. He is the only one that doesn’t know it yet. Two, I’m in Chick’s head. I like the neighborhood and I ain’t leaving.

The Man In The Mirror

It’s strange to have Alex call me dumb.

On one hand, I recognize it as a childish attempt to convince himself that he is the superior writer. I don’t need to stoop to his level. On the other hand, I can let Alex speak for himself.

You never have to go far in any of Alex’s posts to find typos or bad sentence structure.

Alex Chick Can Still Suck It
Come on man. You can get out the first paragraph?

Alex might consider that article from March going too far back though. How about something a little more recent?

Alex Chick can suck it
Wow, a twofer. Bad sentence structure and a typo.

Sure, maybe you’re thinking, that a few typos and poor sentence structure are no big deal. In most cases, you might be right; but if you’re going to insult someone’s intelligence, maybe try and proofread a little bit. Just a thought.

He May Not Know What Comprehension Means

I know he’s going to read this so I figure we help him out and include the definition:

If you watch episode 147 of Cheese, I literally (or as Alex said, “technically”) never said dick sucking. Chick, however, “heard and understood clearly,” that I said dick sucking. Let’s go to the tape.

Sounds like dick riding to me.

We’ve “heard” this audio before and we “understood”, right? Nope. So let’s try and help Alex out:

If Tann says that he went to Jackson Law and Jackson Law and him are cool; there’s no issues with them what-so-ever, like I feel like some of you have to stop dick riding Jackson a little bit…”

Chad Bauman

Clear as day for you Alex Chick III. Your verbal comprehension skills might be a little remedial so I wanted to break it down as much as I could for you. You know, since your reading comprehension skills are so great.

Shockingly, however, his amazing reading comprehension skills didn’t help him comprehend what the word “implied” means. I never quoted him on anything. His responses to my comment on Cheese IMPLIED (there’s that magic word again) that he felt some type of way. Which is exactly what I said.

On the topic of comprehension skills, maybe I have trouble understanding what you say Chick because of all of the God damn typos.

The structure of this sentence also sucks. I didn’t feel like editing the whole thing.

His False Thrown

I said what I said. I regret nothing. Chick has no skill at talking shit. He may have won the awards but I have never agreed with Trey’s decision to award him.

Since he didn’t like the basketball analogy he can try this.

Five-star restaurants usually have three to four quality items on their menu. Chick is the dumpster behind a one-star diner with a D health rating. He’s always full of shit.

A Broken Clock

Alex has exactly two good takes. Count it out Chick, slowly: One…two. VERY GOOD CHICK, YOU DID IT. Even a broken clock is right twice a year? Wait, that’s not right (do you see what’s being IMPLIED? Alex, do you?).

As far as the Raiders take, I didn’t go back and find it. I never forgot it. It was a take so laughably bad I can’t scrub it from my brain. Alex gave me bad take PTSD.

For context, the Raiders defense finished 28th in fantasy points in 2019. He saw that and, knowing they didn’t get any better, said they could help win your fantasy league. The Raiders finished dead last in fantasy defense in 2020.

When you are that wrong you lose all credibility. I don’t give second chances. This isn’t Forgiveness Sports Media.

Alex Chick Can Still Suck It

Alex said he doesn’t know what I’m talking about? Even if my takes are so wrong they don’t make sense, at least you can understand me.

Alex is a “writer” for a sports media website and he can barely string together two sentences to form a coherent thought. No one understands what he’s talking about.

Seriously, they let this guy be a teacher? What’s the standard in his state? Do you read at a fourth-grade level? Can you write at a fifth-grade level? Perfect, come teach at our middle school.

Alex says he can write five posts in the time it takes me to post one. Maybe instead of douching out shitty takes and posts, he should take the time to proofread one. As it stands, one of my posts is worth 100 of his.

Chick thinks I’m dumb but think about the incoherent-rambling posts he makes. If I’m dumb what does that make him?

Alex Chick can still suck it.

Alex chick can suck it
Suck it. Degeneration X.
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