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Chickster Is Helping Chad Bauman Become A More Productive Writer

Chickster Is Helping Chad Bauman Become A More Productive Writer

I can’t believe it, we’ve got Chad Bauman to write a post twice in a week. This is almost unheard of. I can only imagine that I am the reason behind it because Chad continues to try to get in my head. His effort is admirable. Really it is, however, as I mention if the last post, I will continue to talk shit until I die, I don’t think Chad understood that, like I said, he might be a little slow at times. He has already declared himself the winner of this little rift for having the same tone as him. Seriously, I matched his tone and he’s like “Oh, yeah I’m in Chick’s head now.” When in fact, Chad’s post-production has risen at an exponential rate because of me. When this is all done and over with, Chickster will still be writing. We’re now getting solid writing production from Chad Bauman because of me. I only should be celebrated for this.

He then goes on to critique my posts, which, if I’m being honest, was funny. I didn’t know we were writing MLA format posts. I’m known more for casual-like posts on topics, but as mentioned before, Chad barely reads or contributes to the site so I know that could have been lost on him. It’s hilarious that he said that I should proofread my posts before posting when he made a mistake in his heading. Don’t worry I took a picture of it if he decided to change it.

Chad Bauman
Typo by Chad Bauman who proofreads all his stuff apparently.

I didn’t know we were writing MLA format posts but if he came to it, I can write an MLA format on how he has me fucked up. If we are talking bad posts with horrible grammar and sentence structure, his WCW posts were awful in grammar (The one I linked has a shit ton of them Good God.). Multiple people said so, but I didn’t until now, because I understood that wasn’t the point of the post.

Chad is still on about this Raiders take I had 2 years ago. I was wrong, I’ve been known as a delusional fan. I won two awards in the 2021 Vendetta awards, Best Shit Talker and Most Delusional Fan. That was my delusional side. It’s okay, it happens, Chad thinks people can’t grow as a person and become smarter. That’s very regressive thinking, but if that’s how Chad wants to think, I’ll let him. Truth be told, Chad doesn’t have to think I’m credible, I don’t know his opinion on pretty much anything sports-wise. Believe it or not, I don’t lay up at night and hope Chad Bauman cares about my opinion, cause I don’t give a fuck about his. I often forget he’s still at the site because of how little production he contributes here.

To answer Chad about how people let me be a teacher, I’m a math teacher, I work more in the numbers department. I still have a college degree and Chad works…at a help desk? I don’t know what he does and it’s so insignificant that no one knows, but he wants to bash the teacher. Vendetta Sports Media might be the last chance he has to make something of himself. It’s a good thing Daddy Trey is taking care of him. If something ever happened to Vendetta, Chad might not ever be relevant in this life. I am a teacher and I’m a coach, I’m sorry if my posts don’t reflect that. They must not be for you and that’s okay.

Chad Bauman can continue to entertain me, I’m all for it, I’m just trying to boost up his poor post numbers, where he claims that one post of his is worth 100 of mine. I, once again, point to the WCW posts. Those are awful, but it’s okay, they’re posts at least. If we can get Chad Bauman to write 3 posts in one week we are cooking, look forward to your next one Chad. I know you’re having as much fun as I am.


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