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Chad Bauman Is Actually Dumber Than He Looks, Wow!

Chad Bauman Is Actually Dumber Than He Looks, Wow!

Chad Bauman finally posted his post, seriously. I probably could have at least written 5 for the site before he posted that. He made that post to take me down a peg or two when really he just embarrassed himself. Once again, I’d like to point out the timing of it all, he came out swinging for Trey Daubert as soon as I made the post that he Trey desperately wants to give out the Best Shit Talker Award to someone else. Now, he has made this post to take me down a peg or two, or at least try to, but all it shows is that he doesn’t know what the actual fuck he’s talking about.

One of the first things he does is say I’m not the shit talking king of Vendetta. That’s already wrong. Here is my award for 2020 and 2021. I know counting and recognizing something so obvious can sometimes be hard for Chad but it’s there for him. I’m the champion until I am not. As of right now, I am the 2-time champion. Count it out Chad, slowly: One….two. VERY GOOD CHAD, YOU DID IT. So, great point for you so far to show that you literally don’t know anything at this company.

Second thing, he gave out his list for who his top 5 for shit talking was. Who you may ask? I have a better question, who asked? No one cares about his list, nor is it even accurate, but I will share the horrendous list with you anyway.

  • Gavin
  • Emma Brown
  • Jarrod
  • Jamie
  • Karl

He technically included himself in the top 3 which might be false on its own. Chad Bauman then goes on this Steph Curry analogy which seems to make sense in his stupid brain. He said if Curry shoots 50 threes and makes 10 of them, you wouldn’t think he was a good shooter. He’s essentially alluding to the volume of shit that I talk, but that I guess I don’t hit on. However, let’s go back to his top 5. Gavin really only had his beef with Tann and takes some zingers at Trey, but that’s about it. Emma Brown was literally gone for half the year and barely says anything. Jarrod? Seriously? Don’t make me laugh. JAMIE? Jamie made 1 video and Chad said that she flamed him at Ursinus. Karl talks more shit about the national media and that is why he fits here.

We can stick to basketball Chad, that’s okay, wouldn’t want to complicate things for you. If someone shoots once a game and makes it, are they automatically better than Steph Curry if he shot 20%? Maybe twice a game? Shit talkers have to have volume. At the end of the day in basketball, whichever team scores the most points wins right Chad? How can we award someone for talking shit for a month over the span of 12 months. 1 month out of 12 is 8.3%. Awarding someone for the best shit talker award who barely talks shit is wild to me. Every dog has it’s day, but I will talk shit every day if I have to. I was awarded for my volume on talking shit in 2020 and in 2021. Even in the 2021 award I quote Trey Daubert, the CEO and the voter of this award:

“The thing I’ve noticed with Chickster is that he will continue to win this award based on the fact that he makes it a point of emphasis to involve himself in things that have nothing to do with him.”

Clear as day for you Chad Bauman, but his reading comprehension might be remedial so I do understand if it takes him awhile to understand.

Chad then goes on to talk about bad takes that I have. In fact, he said I’m in the mix for King of bad takes. That just shows what Chad is oblivious of what goes on at the site. I was right about the Raiders going 10-7. I was right about Derrick White just to name some recent ones. But Chad proceeds to bring up from nearly 2 years ago. He’s praying on my downfall so much that he had to find something 2 years ago that was wrong. Another superb take Chad, this only helps your case for most oblivious at Vendetta.

Chad says I lack verbal comprehension skills because he said that too much supports essentially becomes dickriding (he technically said dick sucking but I want Chad to know I heard and understood very clearly.) He said I said his comments are out of line, I never once said his comments were out of line, I just wanted to watch what I said because I did not want it to become dick sucking (or I guess he wants it to be dick riding now, whichever). Now, he’s claiming that I think Jackson Law is too pussy to defend himself. That might be the biggest reach I’ve seen, Chad Bauman might be the king of bad takes the way I look at it.

In conclusion, what the actual fuck is Chad even talking about? This might be why he doesn’t write because he essentially just wasted my time with this article. He talks about shit talkers that barely talk shit. I don’t know if Chad knows this, you have to shoot shots to make shots, I shoot the shots, and I shoot of all of them if I have to, it’s is what won me the Best Shit Talker award the last two years. Does Chad know this is a yearly award? I mean he brought up Jamie talking shit at Ursinus, who the fuck cares? He brought up a bad take I made 2 years ago. I’m smarter and a better man than 2 years ago, I’m sorry if I can’t say the same for Chad. Chad, thank you for wasting my time on this beautiful Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day, you can call me daddy and shut the fuck up, respectfully.


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