Bryce Young
AP Photo:John Bazemore

Alabama QB Bryce Young To Join The Volume Sports Network

After a historic debut on Saturday which included the most passing yards and touchdowns for an Alabama QB in their first start, Bryce Young is set to host a podcast for the Volume. Host of “The Herd” and founder of The Volume, Colin Cowherd announced the news on Twitter this morning.

via Colin Cowherd’s Twitter

As Cowherd mentioned above, Young will host “The Bryce Young Podcast” once a week that details what it is like to be the starting quarterback for Alabama. He will talk about his life as a student-athlete and more importantly what it feels like to be the cornerstone of the most dominant football program in the country. Personally, I am really interested to listen to Young talk about his football life. Under Nick Saban, Alabama has become a factory, and to get a behind-the-scenes view from the QB is really interesting.

Cowherd has made some really smart moves in regards to the Volume. Today he adds Bryce Young, last week he added former NFL Scout John Middlekauff, before that it was The JBoy show featuring his SEC podcast, and a couple of months ago he added Liv Moods as a gambling personality. Football is the biggest sport in America and Cowherd is going all-in with a number of different characters and personalities.

Young has greatly benefitted from the NIL rules as it was rumored he had eclipsed seven figures before even taking a collegiate snap. Joining The Volume is another great opportunity for Young to gain recognition and will hopefully bring a new, younger audience to The Volume. Young looked like the best player in the country on Saturday and looks to continue the string of great Alabama QBs.


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